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Master of Innuendo - A Game For Your Saucy Side

Master of Innuendo - A Game For Your Saucy Side

Master Of Innuendo is a saucy fill-in-the-blank game where players change innocent movie titles into, ahem, naughtier versions. “The 40 Year-Old Virgin” could become “The 40 Year-Old Ass Crack!” Winner gets a medal. All players get a raucous new time.
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Featured Attraction: Master Of Innuendo

Want to spice up your game night?

Put the kids to bed, open a bottle of wine, and do some mouth exercises to loosen your jaw muscles so you're ready to laugh. You'll need it when you play MASTER OF INNUENDO, the hilarious fill-in-the-blank game where YOU get to flex your naughty bone!

In the game, you get points for changing ordinary, innocent movie titles into funnier, more—ahem—saucy versions. For example “Raiders of the Lost Ark” could become “Raiders of the Lost Beef Cake” or “Guardians of the Galaxy” could become “Guardians of the Ass Crack!”

The winner is named the MASTER OF INNUENDO, gets bragging rights and can wear the MOI medal (yep, there's a medal)... until a new Master has claimed the title.

Creating this game has been a blast, and playtesting even more fun, or should we say, funny. We set out to make a game that's 1) easy to learn, 2) allows players to be creative, 3) will have people rolling on the floor. Early players have given MASTER OF INNUENDO a big thumbs up in every category. Check out the testimonials below.

Now the game is ready for its big release—but that won't happen without your help! We know you're going to love this game. It's perfect for adult game night, bachelor and bachelorette parties, college dorm meetups, really anytime you want a good blush-worthy laugh. But don't take our word for it! You can play a mini version of MOI right now. Click here for the Print & Play version.

Become a backer today and help make MASTER OF INNUENDO a reality. Bonus, you'll get the full game before everyone else (your game night friends will think you're so cool!) AND you'll get the game for less than you'll pay at retail. There's lots more info below with awesome prizes for our backers. You can even get your name on an Innuendo Card so YOU can be part of a naughty movie title too!

Can't afford to pledge right now? There are LOTS of other ways you can support MASTER OF INNUENDO. Share this page with your friends and family. Share on social media, Share in your groups. Know a reporter? Share with them too. And make sure you go to our website and sign up for our email list so you'll know about discounts and giveaways. THANK YOU!



MASTER OF INNUENDO got rave reviews from early players!

The game has been playtested times in groups ranging from 2 players to 12. Here are some of the things fans have said (names have been shortened to protect the naughty ☺):


How to Play

MASTER OF INNUENDO is simple, creative and fun to play. 


  1. Shuffle the Title Cards and Innuendo Cards.
  2. Stack the Title Cards and Innuendo Cards face down where they're accessible to all players. For big groups, the Innuendo Cards can be placed in more than one stack.
  3. Lay out the 3 Edit Cards (two sets are included for big player groups) face up where they can be seen by all players.


  1. Each round, the “Critic” takes the Title Card from the top of the stack and reads the movie title, noting the blank(s). 
  2. The other players use up to 3 of their Innuendo Cards and the Edit Cards to fill in each blank and make a new movie title. The more blush- and giggle-worthy the better.
  3. The innuendo title that makes the Critic laugh loudest wins a Critic's Choice Point!

Watch how it works:

Players can get Encore bonus points by saying the real movie title. After a timed period or all players have been the Critic, the player with the most points wins and is gets the honor of being the MASTER OF INNUENDO! They can brag about their game prowess and wear the MASTER OF INNUENDO medal for the next hour, or until the next Master is named, whichever comes first.

The rule back has some alternative gameplay options as well. Click here to download the full rule book.


In the Box

The main MASTER OF INNUENDO game box will include:


Play MOI Now

You can play MASTER OF INNUENDO now for FREE!


Coming Soon

The initial MASTER OF INNUENDO box is just the spicy beginning! I've got a database of more than 700 possible movies for Title Cards and over 600 possible innuendoes for the Innuendo Cards--and growing. So, of course, the game can't stop with just one box. "Sequel" packs will be released in the future to expand the game.

Each Sequel pack will have a theme. Here's some of the Sequel packs that are being planned so far:

ALSO! After multiple requests, a family version of MASTER OF INNUENDO is also in the works! It's called Master Of Silliness and will have the same basic gameplay, except making silly versions of movie titles. Instead of Innuendo Cards, players will choose from Silly Cards that say things like, "Fart Spray," "Poop Stains," and "Zombie Wigs." So "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs" could become "Cloudy With a Chance of Fart Spray" or "How To Train Your Dragon" could become "How To Train Your Waltzing Wombats!"

MOI backers have the opportunity to not only pre-order Sequel packs and Master Of Silliness now, they'll also be able to vote on which Sequel packs should be released first! Look for them in the Add-Ons.

Pledge Levels

Early players of MASTER OF INNUENDO encouraged us to publish the game so more people could play. We was like, "Really?" They were like, "You must!" So we was like, "Let's do it!" And that brought us here.

This is our first game and first crowdfunding--and we're SO EXCITED to be sharing this journey with you.

First, came the research, getting quotes for print runs, and hiring illustrator Laura Fisk to create the logo. Our absolute goal is to have a quality game that players will love having in their collection to be pulled out and played over and over again. That's where you come in.

As well as getting MASTER OF INNUENDO before it'll be in stores, you'll be helping the game launch into the retail space. And you'll get it at a price that's LOWER than it will be in stores.

But also, we want you to be part of the journey!

  • YOU will help us choose the final box design.
  • YOU will decide which sticker and T-shirt designs you want.
  • YOU will vote on which Sequel packs will be released first. 

Our goal is to have MASTER OF INNUENDO on store shelves in the second half of 2024, after they've been sent out to YOU, our wonderful backers. Sequel packs and Master Of Silliness will follow as soon as they're ready. YOU will help make that happen.

Choose from four pledge levels, each with fun rewards.

$10 "I Love This Idea" Pledge - Don't need the game but want to pitch in to help? THANK YOU! You get our eternal gratitude and we'll even send you a fun I Play Naughty sticker.

$25 "Play With Myself" Pledge - This pledge gets you one box of MASTER OF INNUENDO at a reduced price, our eternal gratitude and 2 I Play Naughty stickers.

$75 "Fun For 2" Pledge - With this pledge, we'll send you two boxes of MASTER OF INNUENDO, 5 I Play Naughty stickers, and an I Play Naughty T-shirt, as well as our eternal gratitude, of course. You'll get to choose the color, design and size of your T-shirt.

$200 "Threesome" Pledge - For our most luxurious pledge, you'll get three boxes of MASTER OF INNUENDO to keep and share, 5 I Play Naughty stickers, 2 I Play Naughty T-shirts, our eternal gratitude AND 5 PERSONALIZED INNUENDO CARDS!!!! Put your name and/or the names of your loved ones, friends, co-workers, team mates, enemies, whoever you'd like onto Innuendo Cards. Then you can put yourself and them into your sexy movie titles. For the T-shirts, you'll get to choose the design, color and size.

Note that shipping and any required tax/customs is not included in the pledge amount. Shipping will be calculated and collected after the campaign through the Pledge Manager. See the Shipping & Timeline section for more.


Shipping & Timeline


Shipping is not included in the pledge or add-on amount. Since MASTER OF INNUENDO is not yet in production, we don't know exact shipping costs, but here's a rough guideline:

U.S. addresses - around US $8 per box
International addresses - around US $30 per box

International backers, you will also be responsible for any tax and/or customs that are required where you live.

Look for your shipping fees after the campaign in the pledge manager. Thank you!


A lot can change during the production of a product, but my goal is to get your MASTER OF INNUENDO boxes and SWAG to you by the middle of 2024. Here's the projected timeline for when you'll get your copy:

Jan. 31 - Crowdfunding on BackerKit ends

Feb-March - MASTER OF INNUENDO will be in production

March-May - MASTER OF INNUENDO will arrive in the U.S. (This could be later if there are delays in U.S. customs, but we'll keep you informed every step of the way.)

April-June - MASTER OF INNUENDO will be sent out to backers, depending on when it gets to the U.S.

July-... - The world laughs a lot more because MASTER OF INNUENDO is out! (P.S. We are not responsible if your brain starts automatically making every movie title you see while you scroll Netflix sexier. Gather some friends and play a new game to scratch the itch. ;) )
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