ArchRavels: Magic Socks

ArchRavels: Magic Socks

The first expansion for our Award Winning fiber arts game: ArchRavels, new adorable Theme Packs, and mini-expansions!
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๐—”๐—ฟ๐—ฐ๐—ต๐—ฅ๐—ฎ๐˜ƒ๐—ฒ๐—น๐˜€ - 6 New Ways to Expand the Game!


The ArchRavels: Magic Socks Expansion

ArchRavels: Magic Socks introduces New Characters, New Gameplay, New Patterns, New Items, & New Theme Packs!


Visiting the Gnome Nook


During the Restock Phase, you may trade in any 1 human-made item and get a Gnome-Made Magic Sock.ย 

If you don't have a sock - then you keep the one ya get. AND GET ITS MAGICAL ABILITY! (see image below)

But what if you've already got a Magic Sock?
Well, then you can either keep the new one (discard your old one) OR give it to a fellow crafter! (And make them discard their current one! Sneaky.)

BONUS: MORE Special Requests: When you visit the Gnomes, you also get to take a look at the public special request board! (This means now EVERY SPECIAL REQUEST we've ever made can be played in the same game!) You have the option to look at the top 3 cards in the stack of special requests and take 1 of them for yourself and put the rest back on top.ย 


Magic Socks = Special Abilities


Each Sock grants you a different special ability.ย  For example, the Craft Sock lets you craft one extra item anytime you use a craft action. There are 6 Types of Magic Socks and the Gnomes have made a pair of each! If you and another player end up with matching socks your special abilities are both enhanced!ย 

New Players & New Asymmetric Abilities

ArchRavels: Magic Socks introduces two brand new character types and expands the player count up to 6 players!

Since there are new characters we also get new action markers, special abilities, special requests (TBA), AND 4 New Crafters!

The Maker

Character Names: Jo & Noah
Player Board: Yellow Ribbon with Yarn Ball
Action Marker: Yellow 30mm x 10mm Wooden Yarn Ball Meeple
Special Action: Craft 1 (make two items)

Innovation! This crafter doesn't shy away from new technology.ย  By using machines or coming up with entirely new crafting methods at the workbench they blend their innovative sprit with their love of fiber arts to enhance their crafting ability.ย  The Maker's Special Action lets them DOUBLE their output!ย  You get a SINGLE Craft Action, but it creates TWO of the Item you craft!

The Expert

Character Names: Irene & Mauro
Player Board: Purple Ribbon with Heart-Shaped Stitch Marker
Action Marker: Purple 30mm x 10mm Wooden Heart-Shaped Stitch Marker Meeple
Special Action: Take 5 Yarn (any colors) & Craft 1 (any colors)

Experience. That's what sets this crafter apart. They've been yarn bending, fiber slinging, and crafting cuddly creations so long it's in their bones. There isn't a slip, stitch, hook, dyo, or purl they haven't done. They know skein counts, a needle gauge, and hook sizes with a glance. When playing as the Expert you only have three actions to choose from, but they are powerful.ย  On top of excellent shopping and crafting actions, the Expert has the ability to take 5 yarn of any color from the supply and use them to Craft 1 while ignoring all color requirements.ย 




Theme Packs add a new way to mix-n-match new patterns, items, and projects into ArchRavels. New items and thematic projects to add to your game.ย  All Theme Packs are interchangeable and Mix 'n' Matchable!

New Items

The Enchanted Theme Pack is included in the Magic Socks Expansion! With it comes new fantasy and magical-themed patterns and items.ย  These can be used to replace or add to the existing patterns & items in your game.ย  With this theme back you can craft a Mystical Hat, a Snuggly Owlbear, Woolen Gauntlets, Hood of Hiding or a Cloak of Comfort.


Theme Packs!

DINOS Theme Pack: Go all the way back to the Cuddletaceous period with these adorable dinos!

CRYPTIDS Theme Pack: Get your blurry cameras out because you only have one chance to catch a sighting of these adorable and mysterious creatures in the Cryptids Pack!

CUDDLES Theme Pack: Get ready for some serious cuteness with the Cuddles Pack!

There are 3 Ways to use Theme Packs in your game:
  1. Use a Single Theme Pack: Swap out all the Patterns, Tokens, Items, and Projects from the original ArchRavels.
  2. Use Multiple Theme Packs at one time: Items with the same pattern can be used interchangeably.ย 
  3. Use Multiple Theme Packs at one time: The included PROJECTS+ cards reward mix-and-matching Themes.


Mini Expansions

Awards Season: Compete for Crafting Glory!

Get your hooks and needles ready because it's Awards Season!ย  Crafters from all over have gathered to compete in tests of crafting prowess.ย  Race to complete goals in three different categories at the same time: Projects, Items, and Yarn.ย  Can you amass the most yarn, do you crank out bears like nobody's business, or are you prolific project producer?ย  If you are, your purls could win you gold, this Awards Season!ย 

Official Solo-Mode: Gnome Crafting Trials

You craft pretty good, for a human.ย  But do you have what it takes to beat the Gnome's challenge?ย  In this exciting solo game, play ArchRavels with a twist.ย  The Gnomes have enchanted your game with new Tangled Yarn and Snagged Project cards.ย  Take your shot at three difficulty levels, that will throw challenges in your path while also manipulating the board to see if you have what it takes.ย  Go big or go Gnome!

Stick it to Your Rivals!

Sharpen your needles and watch your back in this competitive crafting circle!ย  Make your opponents drop a stich with new event cards that will really get under their skein.ย  Cuddly cutthroat chaos awaits!ย  Also comes with 2 new RIVALS Magic Socks so you can play it with the Magic Socks expansion!





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