Battle Mage Farmer: Tales of the Ecclesia (D&D 5e Adventure and Novella)

Battle Mage Farmer: Tales of the Ecclesia (D&D 5e Adventure and Novella)

Explore the world of Battle Mage Farmer in this D&D 5e compatible adventure. Play as members of the Ecclesia as you journey through the countryside, rooting out the necromancer threatening the peaceful village of Fairford.
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The Mage Wars ended in a sudden, fiery cataclysm, the result of a single mage of unimaginable power who obliterated an entire country in an afternoon. Known as the Eternal Flame to his allies and Armageddon to his enemies, he slaughtered other nations' mages and armies in an effort to restore peace and balance to the world. Around him, a unique organization called the Ecclesia grew as those who served with him were inspired by his willingness to sacrifice himself over and over to save others.

Since the Mage Wars ended, the Ecclesia has continued to pursue their mission, doing their best to govern the people of Lepiera and protect them. While their absolute commitment to the Eternal Flame is off-putting to some, they mostly have the good of the people at heart.

When rumors of a necromancer started appearing in Fairford, the Ecclesia immediately responded. A mage of any strength, left unchecked, could easily wipe out Fairford and ultimately threaten the very stability the Ecclesia has created over the last decade. Necromancers in particular cannot be left alive, as proven by the Mage Wars, and so the Ecclesia has taken up the duty of eliminating the threat.

Battle Mage Farmer: Tales of the Ecclesia is a 5e adventure set in the world of Battle Mage Farmer by Seth Ring. Working with Seth, we have developed a 5e adventure to allow longtime fans of the series and TTRPG fans the ability to explore this fictional world.

Spoiler Warning!
This module takes place after the events of the first book Domestication, and partway through the second book, Germination. If you are concerned about spoilers, it is highly recommended to read both of these books prior to playing this module.

The years leading up to the first Mage War were peaceful. Countries and their citizens worked in harmony to uncover the secrets of the mana that surrounded them. This lasted until rumors began to spread of a secret spell, hidden in one of the most powerful kingdoms—a spell that could grant immortality.

The devastation that followed as those in power desperately fought to seize the spell for themselves led to a war that dwarfed all others before it. As the war continued, mages found ways to unleash their power using forbidden spells, far greater than all of the other class holders. Spells that could easily wipe out an entire army in a matter of seconds, bending the world itself to produce apocalyptic results. The only thing that could defeat a mage was another, more powerful mage, which led to the mages fighting for dominance, and ended in what appeared to be their ultimate eradication.

Though the Mage Wars are over, the devastation caused still lingers throughout the world. Any field where a mage cast a forbidden spell was infused with the mana from their spell. While humans can survive near mana, these forbidden zones became so thick with condensed mana that anyone would get mana sickness if exposed to it for too long, causing painful and sometimes even fatal mutations. This mana sickness also spread to plants, making the fields completely unusable for agriculture. The loss of agricultural land has led to a worldwide food shortage, making food the most valuable commodity and the most targeted for bandit attacks.

Because of the thick mana poisoning throughout the world, using mana can inadvertently pollute the environment even further, leading to death and decay. As the density of mana grows in the world, the threat of the apocalypse inches ever closer. 



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