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I've been playing RPGs since I was knee high to a goblin, and making things nearly as long. Together with my co-creators, we've produced over fifty products for 5e and other RPG systems. Highlights include almost three dozen D&D 5e modules, two publications for Wizards of the Coast, and a variety of adventures for Savage Worlds, Westlands, Sword of Cepheus, and Old-School Essentials.

Our Shadowdark work includes the Shadowdark hardback megadungeon The Pits of Brund, the adventure collection Woeful Barrows and Other Places, Rats of Ul-Gol, Tomb of Himortu (with Elven Tower), and several Shadowdark classes (arcanist, berserker, duelist, magus).

Our D&D 5E Organized Play adventures include Chaos in the City of Splendors, Spears of Glip Dak: Four Adventures, Swords of the Moonsea: Five Adventures, Streams of Crimson, The Dark Hunt, The White Well, Blue Scales, Citadel of Vlaakith, Scales of Justice, and numerous other modules. Our non-Organized Play D&D 5E work includes Adûl, City of Gold, The Black Lotus of Thalarion, The Dream Prison, Ghoul Cove, Careless Adventurer's Guide to Hazards, Descent Into Mirefen, Temple of Misfortune, The Waxwyrm Bounties, and other publications.

We also created Westlands, a 2D6 fantasy RPG based on Traveller and Sword of Cepheus, and have over a dozen adventures available for that system.


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