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hello! i’m the creator behind key & crow studios, and my work ranges from painting, to pins, to filmography. i first and foremost consider myself a storyteller, and the mediums in which i work the vehicle for the tale. common themes throughout all of my pieces includes nostalgia, melancholia, the macabre, and the surreal.

if you were to try and peg my work as anyone genre, i think horror is the most apt descriptor. i’ve recently begun a more formal evaluation and foray into reflecting on my art at the critical level in an attempt to identify my influences, footing, and where i want to go with future projects. i am working on developing a more concrete thesis on my personal beliefs on the role of horror and tragedy as fundamental and primordial keystones of humanity and the age old storytelling tradition.

i am also chronically ill and disabled, which impacts my daily life (and life at large) in many very real ways. i’ve dealt with having to take medical leaves of absence from school, and shifting my career trajectory in general to accommodate the constant state of disrepair my agonizingly mortal flesh prison is in. as one would expect, my lived experiences become a subject of my work, sometimes unintentionally as it bleeds its way into the fabric of any given piece.


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