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Hi, I'm Manda! The main thing about me is that I love to create. Whether it's crafting, print and play board games, cosplay, sewing, embroidery, wood crafting, or 3D printing, I'm always looking for new projects to dive into.

Right now, my biggest craft project is restoring our new-to-us 1850s urban home. It's been an incredible challenge, but also incredibly rewarding to see this piece of history come back to life.

I'm a storyteller, designer, play tester, dungeon master, creator, and now game designer. My first game design is The Establishment: Inner Workings of a Secret Cabal. With The Establishment's launch, I've combined my love of crafting engaging stories and developing new gaming mechanics in a new, interactive way.

When I'm not working on my house or creating something new, you can usually find me spending time with my cats and other foster pets. Thanks for checking out my profile, and I hope you'll consider supporting my projects!


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