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Founded in 2021, Pandion Games designs tabletop roleplaying games that facilitate collaborative storytelling and worldbuilding.  We aim to create roleplaying games that are accessible and inclusive for players of all experience levels, and our games span from science fiction and horror, to cozy and slice of life.

Our games include the likes of Waffles for Esther, Banda’s Grove, Badger + Coyote, The Substratum Protocol, Storyteller: The Campfire Narrative Game, The Dungeon Year Journal, Monsters & Counselors, and Whispers in the Walls.

Additionally, we work to support the community of artists, writers, and designers that make indie games so wonderful:

We have released open sourced system references for many of our games, so others can use them to create their own.

We host game jams to encourage and celebrate other creators!

And we operate the Pandion Games Discord server that provides space for designers, artists, and players to come together to share their work and learn about game design, freelancing, publishing, and, of course, to chat about our games.

Come join the community. We'd love to have you.
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