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Tentacle Kitty, or TK as affectionately nick named, made her debut in 2009 by the partnership of John and Raena Merritt. Since its inception, TK has been a stronghold in the comic convention circuit across the United States. Her colorful friends and complying story have been the subject of multiple successful Kickstarter campaigns.

From the fantastical minds of John and Raena Merritt, comes the worlds of Tentacle Kitty. With their whimsical “outside of the box” humor, heartwarming storytelling, and an endless supply of dreamy creations, John and Raena are the soul of Tentacle Kitty and her friends. John may be the one who puts pen to pixel, and pixel to plush, but together they created a universe full of fun, adventure, and most importantly, adorably fuzzy tentacles and kitty noses that can only be uncontrollably booped.


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