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Zenith Entertainment Group (ZEG Media) started as Zenith Comics back in 2010 as a podcast, then as a publisher of independent comics under the title HEROIC. The brainchild of Andrew Collas, the goal was always to create superhero comics and RPG material in lock-step. Sadly, due to a family crisis in 2015 all was derailed, but like every good origin story the phoenix rises!

Now host of the popular YouTube channel The Society of Role Playing Gamers (@TSRPG), Andrew has returned to his first love, the Zenith Universe and the creation and exploration of it all in RPGs and eventually a return to comics.

Superhero fatigue is for the casuals, the tourists brought in by pomp and circumstance, but for those of us who have loved this American mythology all our lives, there is no fatigue, just passion.



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