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Tucc Di Lusso

Shoes, bags and belts of true distinction, Tucci Di Lusso is revolutionizing the world of luxury leather goods with global designs of sophisticated craftsmanship.

The peerless vision for Tucci Di Lusso is that of an independent, inimitable destination for luxury lifestyle items that thoughtfully range from footwear to belts and from stand-out handbags to the finest in accessories. Each world-class leather item is curated with the spark of innovation and intention and is hand-crafted by skilled European artisans and professionals with an eye towards uncompromising beauty and style and exquisite attention to detail.

The exclusive Tucci Di Lusso line for both men and women was conceived and founded by Tochukwu Mbiamnozie, who migrated to the United States, where he launched a business founded on passion and purpose that gives back to the community. Expanding opportunities for youth and creating sustainable jobs, the Tucci Di Lusso business is inspired by Mbiamnozie’s mentorship, strategy and global techniques as well as the desire for something new and different.


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