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We have the commitment to create and publish impressive, attractive, beautiful and very enjoyable tabletop roleplaying games, supplements and scenarios. Top-level art and careful editing accompany the engaging game design and the awesome content of our publications. This is the way the want to create games. Because we are passionate about role-playing games. Because these are the games we want to play. Because these is the quality we would like to receive.

Shadowlands Games is the international publisher imprint and design studio of known Spanish publisher Shadowlands Ediciones. Since its creation 5 years ago, an experienced multidisciplinary team of top profesionals, talented writers, game designers and artists, has proven Shadowlands to be in the path of a high-class and prolific role-playing game developer with more than 70 publications only in Spain. Surprising and gripping fantasy scenarios along with intriguing and absorbing mystery and horror games and supplements are some of the reasons by which our creative team has gained top reputation in our country.

Raven - A gothic Horror and Cursed Magic RPG, Kingsmouth - A 5e Dark Fantasy and Lovecraftian Setting and The Winter King, the Roleplaying game, are our first three international crowdfunding campaigns, for whose success we will be always grateful to our backers. 


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