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i started selling enamel pins in 2021 when i got mad a multi million dollar company didn't make merchandise of my favorite marketable fan favorite anime girl: a 6'2 man. it's all gone downhill from there.

KEN'S PIN HUSTLE is a one (sometimes two) man operation devoted to selling straightforward, high quality merchandise and artwork. KPH combines a background in animation and graphic design with culinary roughneck to make charming, but practical products. KPH often counters the pin counterculture, with antiqued metal and xerox animation-inspired designs returning to the original, kitschy spirit of 1970s and 80s enamel work.

while mostly self-funded, KPH has some backseat success in crowdfunding. ken is half of the equation on happy habitats, an enamel pin project about changing care standards shown in cute animal art and merchandise, along with regular collaborators and friends alstro arts

while KPH's history has been in fandom content - proud to reach across both eastern and western markets, shipping en masse to japan and south korea - crowdfunding offers a chance to make bird stuff. which, really, is what the masses want. more birds. always more birds.


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