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Book of Shadows Editorial Team

The Editorial Team for Book of Shadows is a tri-fold team of a pagemaster supreme, psychic navigator extraordinaire, and high erotica wizard:

Hye Mardikian (they/he) is a 30 year-old transmasc Armenian book designer, prepress manager, and worldbuilder by trade: hovering over the PNW's waters by night as the EIC of Fortuna Media. To perceive this entity and seek his audience anywhere besides, offer the following placed at connecting points of an 8.5x10.5" InDesign frame drawn in red chalk: the leaves of your three most beloved teas, the kitschiest bong you can find, freshly-cut gardenias bundled with lavender, and whatever Borg-related Star Trek relic you find at your local thrift store.

Iris Jay (she/xer, has been making comics and illustrations since 2005, but is far more notorious for her questionable “celestial healing” techniques that made her a savior to some and a charlatan to many more. Xer last public “Golden Soul Convergence” ended abruptly when a nineteen year old “patient” with severe eczema grew a second mouth in the middle of his forehead that began singing an ear-piercingly shrill cantata, with lyrics that did not map to any known human language. Jay escaped in the ensuing bedlam; her whereabouts are still unknown.

Nero Villagallos O'Reilly (he/him) Nero is a Seattle-based indigenous Panamanian (Guna) and Mexican (Oaxaca) cartoonist with 10+ years in the erotic (web and print) comics scene. His fiction and non-fiction work has been published by Slipshine, Filthy Figments, Iron Circus Comics, Fortuna Media, The Nib, Real Change, and more. He is also one of the founders of The Cartoonist Cooperative, a labor rights organization that seeks to improve working conditions for cartoonists everywhere. His work can always be found at

In any official communications the appropriate team member will sign the post with their initials, but it will primarily be Nero managing this account. (Hi!)


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