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Weird Ink Society

Weird Ink Society is a welcoming tattoo shop in St. Paul, MN where you're free to be your authentic, weird self.

Each year, we publish a tarot deck featuring cards designed by tattoo artists from around the world.

Weird Ink Society and Inkromancy Tarot were created by Jordanne Le Fae and Pip Arnes.

Jordanne Le Fae - Tattoo Artist/Co-Owner
Jordanne has been an artist her whole life and started tattooing in early 2016. Since then, she has created beautiful, unique pieces for her clients. Her Neo-Traditional style incorporates smooth outlines and bright, bold colors. Her favorite subjects come from the world of fantasy, nerd culture, fandoms, and classic stories to which she adds her own touch. You’ll often find female figures as a focus of her work, with fairies, mermaids, zombies, and more! Nerd-focused tattoos are her favorites, so let your geek flag fly!

Pip Arnes - Graphic Designer/Co-Owner
Pip is a graphic designer with a passion for connecting unrelated ideas through design. He runs things behind the scenes at Weird Ink Society and prints all the in-house merch. His philosophy is that good design should be available to everyone. He loves working with clients to bring their visions to life, allowing them to focus on what they do best.

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