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The kinds of stories that don’t end well – those are the types of stories that captivate Aimee Cozza as an illustrator most of all. Aimee is driven to visually depicting these moments of tenseness, anxiety, and dejection in a way that is palpable to the viewer. Her most common subjects are sci-fi and fantasy depictions: space, angels, creatures, and what lurks in the dark.

Inexplicably, she is drawn to the romance of the dark-beautiful. This theme unifies characters and worlds of her pieces, usually through stylistic choice, color, and other frequently used themes of duality — light versus dark, sharp versus soft, loud versus quiet, protagonist versus antagonist. It is in these contrasts that she finds the best stories lie and can be told. Frequently, she explores worldly concepts of femininity and masculinity, anarchy and structure, and of being hurt, either physically or mentally. She also explores mental health issues such as anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and trichotillomania. In exploring these themes she hopes to help society question what they know as good or bad, and understand there is more than one side to any story.

Aimee Cozza is a 2012 New England College (formerly New Hampshire Institute of Art) graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in illustration. She works digitally, traditionally, and within a mix of the two across a variety of physical mediums, but never with the help of AI.

Along with illustration, Aimee works in the field of graphic design, web design, and digital marketing. She has also created and helped produce many self-published titles for friends, clients, and colleagues. She is also an aspiring writer, with a three-part book series in the works. She likes to work with other artists to collaborate group projects. In addition to collaboration projects, she has worked on community projects in New England such as outreach murals and beautification projects.

In addition to drawing and writing, she also enjoys many kinds of music, dabbles on guitar and bass, and enjoys collecting insects as well as other strange and abnormal oddities. She likes cars and animals, and dislikes coffee and chocolate flavored ice cream.

Aimee can also be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Aimee has prints and products for sale through her store, RedBubble, and INPRNT. Aimee is also available for projects and commission, just send her an email.


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