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Vito Pandolfo & Andrew Kozak

Vito and Andrew met while attending science and engineering high schools in NYC. Let's hear it for our fellow Stuyvesant and Brooklyn Tech Alumni out there! 

Vito's foray into entrepreneurship and artistry dovetailed with Andrew's passion and cutting-edge pursuit of engineering, forming the basis for the skill sets which led to a mutual interest hobby turned business.

5th Epoch (which was often called "5E" before that term was otherwise coined in the industry) released its debut publication in 2007 at the Origins Game Fair, where it burst into the role-playing game scene. The pursuit was based on a thirst for adventure, a passion for gaming and an undeniable entrepreneurial sprit. The company has published over 1300 pages of gaming materials and supplements since, the latest of which was Battle Field Ops - leading them to the current moment in history.

After proving the game is a success, it was determined it was time to take it to the next level!!


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