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At Kappapon Studio's core is a group of best friends that work in the animation industry. Individually, we’ve all been given some amazing opportunities, working on everything between shows, films, story-time channels and other projects. Kappapon Studios has been active since 2021, building our portfolio in music video production and visual story-telling. You may recognize some of our past work—we’re the animation team behind several hit music videos within the nerd-core genre, crafting animated narratives for talents such as OR3O and CG5. We've worked on titles such as: Endless, Funked Up, Jackpot, 4GET and more.  

With every project we’ve grown, learned and fueled our ambitions to go even further than before! Now gaining enough experience to launch our first ever independent animated series, Hearts of Titan! Our team of industry professionals approach each project with passion, care and respect; above all else we understand what makes animation magical—the amazing artists behind the shows that inspired us, and and the incredible fans who remind us why we love what we do! 


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