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Greetings and salutations! I am the original Mad Irishman, The Grizzled Veteran, the Epic Nerd, The Hopeless Romantic, The True Believer. These are my Archetypes. But folks just call me Eiric. I am the Project Manager and the Lead Developer and Owner of Haphazard Gaming, which is the parent label for Haphazard Projects.

We are Haphazard Projects. We love gaming! We produce brand-new games with an old-school feel. We use our own adaptable mechanics called The DPS System (Dice Pool Scale), and we have many upcoming projects that feature one epic storyline including: Chronicles of the Orb: Shaedeam's Song, The Aethyrblood Chronicles, Elderstar, Otherworld, Endless, Belief, The Ahn Chronicles and Apocraverse.

Those games that use the word Chronicles are going to be a series of game and setting books.

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