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Tristan Vick

Tristan Vick writes comics...
Letters comics. Makes comics. Eats comics.
But only sometimes.

A veteran novelist who is fairly new to the comic book industry, Tristan Vick has run six mega-successful Kickstarters and has published a slate of creator-owned comics through his publishing imprint Regolith Comics.

Vick's popular sci-fi series The Astonishing Adventures of Alicia Carter and Robot (or just Alicia Carter for short) is read in over 25 countries, has sold over 10,000 copies, and has earned nearly $70,000 in pledges on Kickstarter alone. (Not bad for his first time out of the gate!)

Tristan Vick's other creator-owned series include the werewolf monster-hunter saga Daughter of Wolves and the vampire detective series The Profane. He also writes the superhero sci-fi series Animal Woman for Be Amazed Studios and is always looking for the next stellar project.


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