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Trenchworx, LLC

Trenchworx is B2B miniature manufacturer located in Sandy, Utah, USA. We have been building minis for over 10 years. We design, build and ship over a hundred thousand mini kits a year and we've mastered, manufactured or distributed for over 50 Crowdfunding projects too. 

We design all of our Trenchworx models with accurate detail and ease of assembly in mind. We start all models with the intent to manufacture using our in-house 3D printing technology and eventually convert to plastic, metal or resin kits.  Although we sell mostly 1/56 (28mm) models, we have scaled down to 1/600 and up to 1/6 scale (Yes, 1/6!) upon request. We even built an 18' long Allosaurus once!

Trenchworx offers our prototyping and casting services directly through Trenchworx. You can reach us at [email protected].


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