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Chris Dias has been an RPG publisher since 2006, when he formed Dias Ex Machina (DEM) and published its first RPG, Amethyst D20, in 2008. DEM was the first 3rd party publisher to sign onto the Game System License for 4th Edition D&D and released Amethyst Foundations for that system in 2010. This was followed by Amethyst Evolution, Ultramodern4, Apex, and NeuroSpasta, all for 4E. Later, several books would be adapted to Pathfinder, including Amethyst Renaissance
In 2014, DEM ran its first crowdfunding campaign, a color reboot and supplement of Amethyst for SIX different systems. Over five years, this campaign released twelve books to its backers. During the first campaign, DEM promised to include 5E support, gaining access to prototype rules before many competitors. This resulted in the release of Amethyst Quintessence in 2016 and Ultramodern5 later that year.
In 2019, DEM ran its second crowdfunding campaign, an upgrade of Ultramodern5, which raised $110,000. This was followed by the triple-setting Affinity, which raised over $128,000 in 2021.
Chris Dias has worked for Goodman Games, Rocketship Entertainment, Kids-Logic, and Oomm Games and created the board game Naramata. He also contributed to Robotech, DragonBallZ, and Brothers Bond board games. 


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