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Shing Yin Khor

I'm a mostly analog game designer exploring personal narrative, new human rituals, and collaborative worldbuilding. I am into the myths of nostalgic Americana, epistolary forms, keepsake games, strange divinations, and strange beasts. I make beautiful things, and I ship them largely on time.

Most of my work is centered around telling stories with physical objects. I direct Three Eyed Rat, a production collective making games and large scale installation art( 

My experience and game design work is rooted in my work as a builder and artist - keepsake games centered on the bridge between physical making and traditional tabletop RPGs, kind and awkward emotional connections, and new traditions and rituals. I am the designer and creator of the ongoing mail-LARP Space Gnome Space, the epistolary mail game Remember August(winner of Indiecade's Best Tabletop in 2022), the Space Hobo Divination Board, The Gentle Oraclebird (presented at Indiecade 2019 and 2020), the story-building embroidery keepsake game A Mending(which raised 190k in pledges on Kickstarter), and co-designer(with Jeeyon Shim) of the solo journaling keepsake game Field Guide to Memory(winner of Indiecade's Best Live Game in 2021).


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