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Explore the islands of the Aegean Sea!

by Carl Chudyk & Asmadi Games

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Adventure through the 220 islands of the Aegean Sea in Carl Chudyk's latest creation. It's a game in which every card can be an island, a ship, a temple, a good, or the populace on the island! Your ultimate goal is to acquire goods and bring them back to your home island — but of course, all your opponents are trying to do the same.

Aegean Sea comes with five different decks representing the Athenians, Spartans, Cretans, Rhodians, and Ephesians. The five peoples have asymmetric Customs, special rules that make playing each work quite differently! 

Every card in the game is a unique island in the Aegean, with a unique effect. Islands are placed face-up in the middle of the table, and other cards can be tucked underneath to represent boats, temples, goods, and populace (under the left, top, right, bottom edges). 

Boats let you transport goods. Population lets you have plurality at islands, which is required to take goods and use islands' effects. Temples (if with goods) allow you to draw more cards when you refresh your hand. And goods...are worth points!

Use your cards and effects wisely, and you'll be victorious.

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