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Get Ready for The Aethyrblood Chronicles, a complete Cosmic Horror/Supers TTRPG!

by Haphazard Projects

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"Cosmic horror mixed with Golden and Silver Age Supers for a mind-bending, reality-warping journey of self discovery and the acceptance of true power."

The Agnati dwell in the deepest corners of space, beyond the reaches of what humanity's eyes can fathom. They are vast things that defy mathematical sciences and our own feeble understanding, appearing as massive geometrical shapes shifting in size and colour. The Agnati are great and terrible things capable of the same. And they have come to earth for reasons we cannot divine.

In 2018, one of these Agnati made a deal with someone: he became known as the Monotone, the first Aethyr.

Over time, more Aethyrs became known. Until one day, when hundreds surfaced. The governments of humanity had become worried about explosions in numbers of the newly powered people and what they could do if they started banding together.

And that's when everything started going wrong...

You are about to commune with a new Agnati and step into the world of The Aethyrblood Chronicles. But beware - the journey to discover your powers will be fraught with terror unimaginable. Prepare yourself for:

  • The DPS System, a flexible and adaptive system that can do everything with a derived dice pool. With this point-buy system, you can build the character you want!
  • Over 70 super powers!
  • Over 20 real-world martial arts for your characters to train in! 
  • Rules for Psychics and Super Soldiers!
  • A timeline for over 20 years of events to base your campaigns around!
  • And a lot more!

Sign up now, and the first 100 people will get an ashcan version of the rulebook one month before launch! Play the game before the project even launches!

Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

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