The Fourneau Fire Pit Grill – build the perfect cooking fire

by Fourneau

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For grilling, searing and roasting ...

...  hardwood fire and hot embers are hard to beat. After years of cooking over fire we've a fun new tool for cooking with fire. We're ready to share our new live-fire cooker and will be launching on BackerKit's crowdfunding platform this month!

Build the perfect fire for cooking

The Fourneau Fire Pit Grill is both a support for live-fire cooking and a fire-building aid.  The core of the Fire Pit Grill supports kindling and small firewood helping you to quickly build a hot, healthy cooking fire. The outer frame of the grill supports a cooking grate at two heights for direct, indirect, flame and ember cooking.

The Fire Pit Grill can be used in a fire ring or elevated fire pit. It can also be used directly on the ground for beach cookouts or at campsites. While it is designed specifically for hardwood live-fire cooking, it works just as well with charcoal.

  • Designed to support the firewood as you build your fire
  • Multiple cooking heights
  • Portable for cooking at home, the campsite, and the beach
  • Made in the USA
  • Heavy gauge steel construction

Who is Fourneau?

We're a small family-run company based around Lake Michigan with a passion for food. We make unique, master-grade tools that celebrate the adventure of cooking. Fourneau started in 2015 with the introduction of the Fourneau Bread Oven on Kickstarter. Since then, we've introduced multiple other projects through crowdfunding and through our site,

  • 2015, Fourneau Bread Oven – 790 backers pledged $165,798
  • 2017, Fourneau bread Oven 2.0 – 1,135 backers pledged $203,066
  • 2018, Ironwood Skillet – 430 backers pledged $45,854
  • 2019, Fourneau Grande and Levée – 503 backers pledged $94,511

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