Get Ready for The Men Plus Monsters and Celestial Fantasy Tarot Collection 2nd Edition

by Aero Zero

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This is a big reprint campaign for 4 magickal tarot decks (and their accompanying guidebooks) featuring the energies of the masculine, monstrous, and the celestial in a fantasy setting - perfect for those who love magic and colorful art!

Three 78-card Rider-Waite style tarot decks with 100+ page full-color guidebooks, and a special 24-card astrological-themed oracle deck with a 200+ page full-color guidebook!

ALL art and writing is completed for all 4 decks! If this campaign is fully funded, it will go to print and you will have your decks and guidebooks as soon as possible.
The decks' guidebooks will undergo a bonus round of editing before it all goes to print to address typos present in earlier editions of the books :)

All decks contain some nudity (topless people, a butt here or there), but no explicit sexual content. All decks are meant for a 21+ years old mature adult audience due to the themes in some of the cards' meanings and some of the stories in the guidebooks. Please keep this in mind when backing this project :)

Whether you're familiar with Tarot or not, the Men Plus Monsters Tarot Card Deck, the Terato Tarot Deck, the Divine Animal Tarot Deck, and the Celestial Animal Oracle Deck are luxurious sets of cards for anyone who loves handsome characters, mythological monsters, and colorfully classy art.

They are unique, insightful, mythical decks of monsters and men which also double as gorgeous and functional pieces of art!

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