Purrtagonists: Fabled Felines

Purrtagonists: Fabled Felines

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11 months ago

Project Update: Chapter 2 || The Cheese

“Did it have to be giant rats?” Tuff hisses as they defeat yet another swarm of rats. “They don’t even actually like cheese!”

“Tell that to the map,” says Gray as he snatches his knife back and gingerly sidesteps another pack of red-eyed creatures. “I’m sure the boss is somewhere up ahead.”

Fluff yelps as she hides behind Tuff, but continues her healing spell. “You don’t…. mean that one, do you…?”

Both Tuff and Gray whip around as they are both swallowed in a giant rat’s shadow. Gray grumbles loudly, “What do we do, oh glorious leader?”

Tuff throws his sword, and it… bounces off, clattering to the ground unceremoniously. He looks back to the path they’ve come down, a distant light shining through the trees. “Run?”

Before they take any steps at all, a boom shakes the ground, and the giant rat – seconds from probably eating Tuff – gets thrown back with a dazzling light, showing off a treasure trove of cheese it was guarding. A small mouse, a hundred times smaller than the giant rat, darts up to the chest and seemingly does a dance. 

At the footsteps coming from behind, they all turn to face the new intruder. A monk cat stands there, sheepishly holding a sizzling staff. “Apologies – Whiskers saw the sign for cheese and got carried away. Had to make sure he didn’t get harmed.” He glances to them each in turn. “You must be the group from DERP. My name is Soot, leader of Destruction.”

They nod and return his greeting. Tuff nonchalantly picks up his fallen sword. “Is it just you?”

“A few of my guildmates aren’t far behind. How should I describe the two of them…”

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Ahhh! We be doing it! At $12,500, we get some variant D20s pins! Super close to that goal. 
What colors would you love to see a D20 dice in? :0

Also, random: A Destruction is a group of feral and/or wild cats.

Vote in the poll and drag your friends in. We want to see them here. :D

🐾Mel, Jess and Venetia

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