Baby Bestiary 2023 Calendar

Baby Bestiary 2023 Calendar

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5 months ago

Project Update: Making up for a bad year

Hey backers,
Upon posting the last update a number of you weighed in that you have not received your rewards for one reason or another. With that notice, I began looking into it and locking down orders, confirming addresses, and having those pushed through to the warehouse. In total, there were about 87 of you affected in total (including the black apron backers). Now incomplete or unshipped pledges aren't necessarily something new about a campaign, there are always a handful of backers that are held up for one reason or another. Though what makes this sting a bit more was the time-sensitive nature of calendars and coffee, and it being practically impossible for backers to reach me through the project and having to resort via communications in other platforms.

Retrospectively, with this year's (2023) calendar, I tried a whole bunch of things:
  • a new platform (which pushed back our launch date, and cause a headache of communication problems that wouldn't have happened in another platform, i get no notification on comments or discussions aside from ones i directly create, nor am i able to respond to nested comments)
  • A coffee collaboration (which worked out ok, if everything else didn't get pushed back)
  • Gold foil (which didnt work out due to the plant not understanding gold foil printing vs gold ink and that mistake happening amidst the rush of just trying to get them asap.)
  • Art prints (art prints themselves worked out ok, the gold foil made it a little complicated, in regards to timing and packaging, but the originals I feel like might be better done with a different system.)
Overseas production (on its face a good thing logistically, however only really possible with more time, and sadly enough this project had everything but time)

That said, at this point, everyone remaining should have an order import notice from Metal Weave Games, and if not by the latest tomorrow, with tracking to come with it as well (at least what the warehouse is telling me)

Now, I know getting a calendar almost 6 months later feels pretty shitty, and I frankly agree with that. If we're continuing to leverage Backerkit as a platform (at least as an experimental one), we can look to launching the 2024 calendar in this space as well. The one thing that Backerkit does offer is special/hidden pledge levels. To help make up for this rocky project finish, I'm going to offer all impacted backers special tiers for 2024, reducing the price of the Calendar (and any subsequent calendars), based on when you received your rewards, with the base calendar price moving to $20, the special tier for everyone in this project will be as follows:
  • Jan/Feb -25% ($15)
  • March/April -50% ($10)
  • May+ 80% ($4)

This feels like the best I can offer, without going into a rabbit hole of trying to give away free digital downloads , store discounts or something else, especially as the scale of those affected varies and the things people want vary greatly as well.  I can only do better by continuing to do manage better next time, and this might not be good enough for some of you, I understand that. 

Anyways,  I do try and check comments a few days after posting, but until Backerkit implements a notification feature, if I don’t respond to your comment,  the best way to probably get a hold of me is via email, [email protected].
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