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over 1 year ago

Project Update: Progress Update

Hey Everyone!
Just wanted to give you and update on how everything is going.
PDF is sent out, sorry it took awhile, i thought it was set up so that when you finished backerkit you'd have access to it, turns out the  distibution still had to be run.
Magnets and Coffee are already at the warehouse ready to go (i dont have any pictures of the coffee, but theres a lot of it)
And the magnets came out adorably


So the calendar is still being printed and prepped, I haven't gotten a final proof yet, I expect an early copy to arrive hopefully this week (fingers crossed) and the full shipment of calendars to likely arrive last week of December (should be leaving the manufacturer this week, being airshipped to the US which is kinda crazy).

As for something to show proof-wise, I did receive these potter proofs and i created this video, I meant to share it, but things have been crazy with the holidays. Just a note, the proofs in the video were to just show how the print looked with the gold placement  (you can see that here).

Other Things

  • Art Prints - they have been ordered (with the gold foil)
  • CatBat Originals - sorry for the delay, but Ive started reaching out to backers in order to get their preference
  • Backerkit Locking Down - Locking down orders so that we can get the addresses ready and prepped with the warehouse. (if there are any changes to be made, feel free to email me at [email protected])

I'll hopefully have another update this week with an advanced copy of the calendar. 
More to come very soon! (its a bummer that the gold foil pushed out production so far, but we can take this as a lesson for future calendars if we ever do something with this much gold foil in it). 
Also happy holidays,





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