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Project Update: Shipping update + Problems with Gold

Hey backers!
I hope you all had a happy new years day celebration. Theres been crazy rain and flooding here in California, and I hope everyone is staying warm and dry for the end of the holiday season.

Shipping update,
I'm going to get an update on Monday/Tuesday when they'll actually arrive, but the calendars have shipped and are en-route to our warehouse. Im hoping that they arrive this week for the warehouse to start fulfillment. The warehouse already has everything else (owlbears, magnets, coffee, and mailers) so once in, they should be getting things out pretty quickly.

Problems with Gold
So this is gonna likely be a bit long. Simply put, I was aiming to get shiny gold-ink placed on all art main pages of the calendar as we had initially hoped to get with our stretch goal. I went through the process with proofs and so forth, and even opted to go with a printer that could deliver it to us. But when I got my advanced copy Thursday night, yes there was a separate gold ink layer on the art pages, but they were not reflective...
Now don't get me wrong, the calendars look great, and they're gonna work great, but it wasn't the gold foil that I was really pushing for. So on Friday, I talked with the printer (and they pushed us towards using that gold ink, and missed the fact that we were looking for reflective gold ink.) Problem is, the calendars are already on a plane over to our warehouse. So there is no way they easily rectify the problem without having to ship the calendars back or make new ones.
Unfortunately, there was no way I was able to catch the issue beforehand. Because we are running so tight in our timelines (could even say overdue), I asked them to ship both the advanced copy and the full inventory of calendars asap (at the same time).
Nevertheless, its been quite frustrating to get everything together. That said, 

TLDR: There is a layer of gold ink on the calendars, but its not reflective as I was aiming to have done. the Calendars still look great tho. So the only things that are getting reflective gold is the Art Prints since they're being produced by CatPrint, which is where we got our initial gold prints from. (CatBat originals wont have gold ink since they are the coffee-stain originals).

Charging Cards:
Your orders are currently locked down, but I still need to charge them, I was planning on doing so this wednesday/thursday. If that will be a problem or if you need your address updated please reach out to me asap.
Also if the above news is distressing and you want to get a refund, I will happily oblige, just reach out to me, [email protected].

GoldFoil Originals
Working my way down the list in order, we're only about a quarter through the list, if you're one of these backers feel free to look for an email called "CatBat Original" from [email protected], and we'll be having those originals shipped out shortly.
Thank you

Thank you so much for your support, its been an honor to create another amazing year of calendars, and albeight we wanted to try something new, we learned a lot about this experience of sourcing and timing for getting something like this (a entierly gold-foil/inked calendar printed and the time it would take to produce one) for future projects (even if we dont do that on our next calendar.)
In retrospect, it seems like we'll need to be crowdfunding our calendars earlier in the year (with using backerkit we were pushed back a little bit which may have given us more time that we needed),  but even launching as early as August/September would give us a much better lead time to ensuring everyhting is produced and out before the holiday season.

Thanks again, and I cant wait for everyone to get their calendars and coffee. 

(below are some pictures of the advanced copy I received).





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