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Project Update: [Black Apron Backers] Well this is unfortunate and awkward

Well... this is unfortunate and awkward. 
This update is really only for the Black Apron backers, but since i dont really have any other means of reaching out to them in a concerted method without addressing the comments in the project, this is about the best way I can adress it. 

It was just brought to my attention that our highest tier backers, Black Apron, errored on their order import, and as a result none of you have your rewards (aside from the originals which were shipped recently). Furthermore, as a result of Backerkit Crowdfunding being in its infancy, there is no mechanism for creators to get notified of comments in their projects (feedback that I've escalated). I only come aware of this recently when a backer reached out via email to inquire about the rest of their rewards. 

Nevertheless, its shameful and your rewards are far past due and for that I sincerely apologize. Though, I can imagine that does little to soothe your frustrations with how much you spent, to which I totally understand.

Since there are only 11 of you, I will be reaching out to you individually to determine the next course of action to right this wrong. 

For those who do have your calendars and you read this whole update, I do hope you're enjoying them. 

I hope you are all having a good year so far,

edit: There appears to be a few others who have not recieved their rewards (from address locks to survey), working through those as well.  





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