Crimson Terrain

Crimson Terrain

less than 48 hours left + Terrain Takedown Update
about 1 month ago
by Anthony Qualkinbush

Thank you all so much for supporting this project. We have reached the final 48 hours of the campaign. If you could take a minute of your time to share the campaign wherever you spend time either on social media, forums, or in person it would be a major help in reaching some of our extra goals and adding even more content to the final result.

I'll have a more substantial update as the campaign comes to an end to let you know what you can expect from the post-campaign phase of this project. Until then let's get into the final phase of the final round of the Terrain Takedown! As you may have already expected the Yumm pack was just a little too wacky for its own good. It put in a valiant attempt at rallying but it was just too little too late for our all-too-sweet contender.

That means that it's the Prehistoric Terrain Pack vs the Modern Terrain! Who will win? Past or Present? It's up to you to decide which pack shall reign supreme! Cast your vote in the discussion below.

Thank you again for backing this campaign. It is a real joy for me to have the opportunity to pursue these ideas and know that something I am creating will help others have an even more enjoyable experience playing their favorite roleplaying games.

Prehistoric is seriously versatile, as it works perfectly for goblin/orc village settings in just about any campaign. . .

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about 1 month ago

Prehistoric is my style :)

It's so close between these two packs.

I think I'm going to go with modern.

thanks for voting it's looking more and more like modern is going to take this round.

Gotta go with Pre-historic

thanks for voting It's a pretty close matchup.

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about 1 month ago

I just picked up the first four parts (can be used independently) of The Valley Out of Time by Skeeter Green for Dungeon Crawl Classics / Mutant Crawl Classics in his second KIckstarter for Parts 3 and 4 (there will be another KS for final parts 5 and 6 soon, and there is also a rules choice for Swords & Wizardry), so I'm going to cast my final vote for: PREHISTORIC While Modern terrain might be more useful for a wider range of adventures, I know that having Prehistoric Terrain for The Valley Out Of Time will make that adventure even more fun and enjoyable for my players! Here's hoping that Prehistoric wins out!

I think prehistoric is really the most widely adaptable option since the theme could fit for alot of tribal, barbarian, or generally low tech/resource settings.

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about 1 month ago

Anthony, that's good to know! I had also backed Planegea 5e, which is another prehistoric setting, but now that you're mentioning tribal and low tech, it sounds like I could maybe use this terrain for postapocalyptic settings as well! (Of course, if Modern wins, that would work for some apocalyptic settings at least, and maybe even some early cyberpunk.) As you get to making these, it might be good for backers to sound off about what they're going to be playing with the terrain because that may feed into your ideas for new terrain pieces. These terrain sets do take some thinking about where they could be used, because I was just thinking the other day that I might be able to use Yumm for a one-off Feywild realm or something. Maybe even part of a Dream Plane. Anyway, I guess we'll have to wait to tuck into Yumm until sometime in some other campaign!

Definitely would love to hear what people are playing and how they hope to use the terrain in producing. If for no other reason than it is awesome. But it would also help give me more ideas as well and the more ideas pop in my head the more likely I am to make even more stuff lol. Also you may not have to wait forever, I am kicking around the idea of properly spinning up the Patreon page to work on bringing some smaller projects to life more frequently outside of the mad land of crowdfunding.

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about 1 month ago

Wow, Anthony, I did not even realize that your Patreon page is live! Looking back over your newsletter and project updates, I see that you mention it here and there as rolling out an "expanded patron," but there has not been a link or anything to check it out. One thing that I would like to mention about Patreon now that you have mentioned it is that there is an option to charge on a per product basis rather than a monthly subscription model. Most creators don't use that option, preferring to have the monthly rolling income, but I think that the per creation model may work well when you want to work on bigger products over a longer time span. Having backed several Patreons myself, I will also say that it's good to have a low entry tier of $1 to include the most followers. This at least gets them in to where they can Comment on your posts and so on. One of my projects that I have supported long-time recently upped their lowest tier from $1 to $3, so I had to pull support this month rather than dropping back down to $1 from $10, which would have been my preference, just so that I could still have Commented on their upcoming plans and so on. Also, once you do get your Patreon rolling, I know that one thing that I would love to see is more solo/GM-less support. This could even be for your existing products. Maybe even further down the way as you flesh out your world that we talked about elsewhere here, you could create a third-party license too. For another creator, I publish content for him through him, and so I have not had to worry about a license, so that is another option. Someday, I would like to provide commercial content, but for right now, I have been happy to contribute for free because even getting published through the creator has significance to someone just starting out, trying to figure out what one is able to do!

Yeah, I have the Patreon up but I haven't devoted enough time to it so far unfortunately in order to make it worthwhile. I've still got a lot of thinking to do on exactly how I want to structure it but I certainly want to maintain a low entry point to allow at least some participation. I have many things that I'm working on and I would like to develop a stronger sense of community between and around my projects. I think Patreon could be the way to do it while also helping to fund everything I want to create without relying solely on crowdfunding. Not that I would abandon that side of things.

Thank you for continuously providing valuable feedback I have really appreciated your involvement in everything.

Gotta go with modern!

Seems like the modern set is the favorite so far.

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about 1 month ago

Hard choice! Guess I have to land on Modern

I'm not sure which one I prefer either!

Modern for the win.

Modern is off to an early lead.