Pizza Pinz

Pizza Pinz

🍕 Pizza Pinz Check In!
2 months ago
by Jason Furie
Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character do you identify with the most?
  • Leonardo
  • Raphael
  • Michelangelo
  • Donatello
  • Venus de Milo
  • April O'Neil
  • Shredder
  • Casey Jones
  • Krang
  • Splinter

Hey pizza lovers! It's been 2 weeks since we've funded Pizza Pinz so I though I'd check in and give ya'll a status update. We have a lot of parts movin' and shakin' so let's dive in like my favorite cool but rude teenage mutant ninja turtle Raphael diving into a hot slice 😎

🔥 Backer funds comin' in hott 🔥
It looks like most all cards have been charged and the bulk of the funds will be hitting my account in the next week or so. This means I can start finalizing my pin designs and get them closer to official production with my manufacturer. A lot of the details are already sorted out, they are just waiting on all my final files which are about 90% complete.

💖 TWO new custom slices coming your way 💖
We had TWO backers choose the $300 "Custom Slice" pledge level and I'm in the process of working out those designs. Nothing to show you yet, but we've settled on the 2 new designs. They are:

CATlifornia Poppy Slice - A delicat combination of cute felines and dainty California Poppies spread across a hot n' ready slice of pie. In short, it's cats n' flowers y'all. Cats n' flowers...need I say more?

Space Specter Slice - Born from a backer's love of the show Space Ghost: Coast to Coast and, well, pizza! A combination I didn't see coming BUT exactly what custom slices are all about! Making things that wouldn't otherwise exist! Expect this one to be a cool sci-fi theme inspired by the aforementioned show!

These two slices are in the design phase right now and I hope to share their final form soon!

📦 Mini Pizza Boxes are coming 📦
Ok, this is fun. I've been working with an amazing company to make these mini pizza boxes just perfect. And they are so good people. The final boxes have been finalized and ordered. I will share some serious pictures with you once both the boxes and the pin backer cards arrive. I can't overhype these enough. They are perfect.

✏️ Backer Surveys Coming Soon ✏️
Once I finalize the last 2 custom pins, I will be sending out Backer Surveys. This is the part where you get to:

  1. Choose your pins
  2. Add extra pins to your order
  3. provide shipping information
  4. see shipping costs with shipping charges soon after (weight based)

Even though surveys may be going out a tiny bit later than expected, everything else is ahead of schedule meaning we are well on track for a November delivery date! It's all lookin' goooooooooooood! We're on time.

Ok that's quite enough for now! I'm very excited to push this all forward. Now I need to go get designing these final TWO pizza slices so I can get these surveys out to you all!

While you wait, please take the very important poll above for me, and please comment why you identify with that character AND let me know who's missing from the list 🐢🐢🐢🐢

Smell ya later,
Jason Furie 🍕

Donnie is the token "smart one". In any show where there was a smart/nerdy character or an introspective type, that was my always my favorite one. Mikey is a very close second because wacky clowns are my other favorite character type. Gadget from Chip n Dale's Rescue Rangers and Panthro from Thundercats were other faves of mine!

Yeah, I always fave the tech and/ or smart characters too. The sense of more than they first appear to be speaks to me. My die hard cartoon faves were Scooby-Doo and Thundercats. For modern? Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends and Daria. Fun times, all round.

Quiet, peacekeeping, puzzle solver, and staff fighter...which I have done before once, against a sword. And purple is one of my fave colors.

I'll reveal the poll results once I see votes plateau, but so far, the results are surprising! Purple was always my favorite color as a kid. I lean towards the Miami Vice palette these days. That said, I'm the cool but rude Raphael all the way!