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about 1 year ago

Project Update: 📦 [MEGA UPDATE] Pizza Pinz are Shipping!

Wow what a ride! These past few weeks have been a pizza-lovin' blur 🍕 I've been receiving the pizza pinz from the manufacturer, folding the mini pizza boxes, pinning the pins to greasy little backer cards, placing the pins in the mini pizza boxes, and then putting the little boxes in slightly larger shipping boxes, and then in big bags, and then dropping them off at the post office. Cool!

Let me clarify one thing I think you ALL need to know. I had to fold 1500+ mini pizza boxes by hand! And silly old me thought I could do it all by myself. No, no, no. I needed some help, and thank the pizza gods for the BackerKit team! I asked and they SHOWED up folding nearly 1000 mini pizza boxes at our San Francisco office! I owe them what the Wookie's call a "Life Debt". Take a look for yourself, it was epic. And yes, we ordered pizza afterwards. And ate it too!

As for the remaining 500+ pizza boxes that needed folding? Well, my partner and I set up shop in our bedroom and watched an unhealthy amount of The Great British Bake Off until the job got done. I thought I'd spare you any pictures of that as I'm sure it was a grizzly scene. So instead I will leave you with a pic of the hosts and judges. Seriously folks, this is a really sweet show. I highly recommend it. Where American cooking shows are full of blood, sweat, and tears...the British bring joy, laughter, and happiness. Refreshing!

Ok so you are probably wondering why I am talking about The Great British Bake Off instead of showing you the damn pies! Ok, ok, here we go. Let's take a look at the featured pins right before they were packaged and shipped off!

So these pics were taken rather crudely, but let me assure you THESE PIZZA PINZ RULE 🍕 The pins turned out excellent, and the mini pizza boxes were a HUGE challenge, but I got them just how I wanted them. And the cherry on top is the greasy lil' backer cards to make this pure pizza perfection! I truly LOVE these pins and hope you do too. It's been a passion project I've wanted to accomplish for years and it finally happened. And it's all thanks to YOU reading this. What I'm trying to say is I'm going to pass out those Wookie Life-Debts all willy-nilly and give each of you one as well ✨

And for anyone curious what it look like to haul big bags. Here ya go!

As of the time of this writing I have shipped about 50% of the Pizza Pinz! I have to take a small break because I'm heading to PAX Unplugged (Board Game Con in Philly!) with the BackerKit team to hang out with the tabletop games community. I'll be gone starting tomorrow (in like 8 hours actually!) and will be returning on Monday. Once I'm back the reminder of the pins will be shipped off within the week. So I'm happy to report we are right on schedule and all the pins will be delivering before the holidays!

And one last thing. There was a point in time where I had 1500 mini pizza boxes laying around. I'd be a fool not to take the photo opportunity.

Jason ❤️




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