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over 1 year ago

Project Update: 🍍 RESULTS: Should Pineapple be on pizza?

The VERY FIRST UPDATE on the Pizza Pinz campaign asked a simple yet age-old question: Should pineapple be on pizza?

I wanted to settle this debate once and for all. A poll would not suffice. Telling me what you prefer wasn't good enough. Yelling at me sure wouldn't work. What we needed were REAL results with REAL stakes! And nothing speaks louder than the almighty dollar πŸ€‘

So let me refresh your memory on how I decided to end this debate: I made a pineapple lover enamel pin and a pineapple hater enamel pin. Whichever pin got ordered the most would settle the debate🍍🚫 Out of nearly 500 backers, exactly 100 of you voted with your wallets. And since exactly 100 of you voted, doing the math was easy. Thank you.

Feast your eyes on the results πŸ‘πŸ‘

So there you have it folks, the age-old debate is officially, overwhelmingly, absolutely over! Pineapple DOES belong on pizza and now we have the proof πŸπŸ• Thank you to all who voted and be sure to rock those Pineapple lover pins whenever possible. And to the 16 dark souls who said NO, I'm watching you. Watching you closely.

Thanks again, and if you're reading this before February 7th at 1 PM PST, there's still time to back my next enamel pin project β€” Movie Moths 🎬 At the time of me writing this, there are ONLY 16 HOURS LEFT so be sure to CLICK HERE and support ❀️

I have a few cool campaigns up my sleeve for 2023, so be sure to stay connected and stay tuned!

Jason Furie πŸ•




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