Pizza Pinz

Pizza Pinz

✅ CAST YOUR VOTE: Choose the Last Mystery Slice!
5 months ago
by Jason Furie
What new pizza slice design should unlock if we reach $15K in funding?
  • Alien Invasion Slice
  • Ice Cream Party Slice
  • Ocean Life Slice
  • Putrid Vomit Slice
  • Sushi Slice
  • Synthwave Slice

Thanks to 384 of you, we've blown past our funding goal, have unlocked 3 out of 4 of the Mystery Slices, and have raised over $11K so far. That's more than 200% funded! That's a lot of pizza! I'm forever grateful that y'all are helping me fulfill a dream of mine — to manufacture deluxe pizza themed enamel pins packaged in mini pizza boxes! What can I say, I dream BIG!

As a thank-you I've decided to let YOU choose the final slice design that will unlock if we reach $15K in funding. Since I wanted to run this poll properly, I've extended the campaign length by a few days to make sure all the votes get counted. I also have a few more fun ways for us all to connect throughout the final week of Pizza Pinz on BackerKit.


  • CAST YOUR VOTE NOW via the button above that says "Go Vote Here"
  • You should totally do this RIGHT NOW, but you have until WEDNESDAY, JULY 6TH AT 11:59 PM PST
  • One vote per person and no editing once your vote is cast! So choose slowly and choose wisely.
  • I will post a new update on THURSDAY, JULY 7th revealing Mystery Slice #4 (The Winner)
  • If we reach $15K in funding, the new slice design will be available as an option to all!

Alrighty then, what are you waiting for? Go vote already. You have until WEDNESDAY, JULY 6TH AT 11:59 PM PST.

Comment which slice you think needs to win here and why.

May the best slice win,
Jason Furie 🍕

Late to the Convo, but just in time to jump in the votw! I def want a "tako" Sushi roll (Octopus in Japanese), with an octopus tentacle coming out

user avatar image for Bernard Chapman
5 months ago


I see a pattern. A very 80's inspired pattern. And I like it.

Gotta be synthwave. I need to express my desire to be some kind of a blade runner android through the art of the pizza pin. More importantly, it prompts a very interesting question: what would synthwave taste like? (I imagine it being similar to fruit gushers... but only the blue ones 💙)

Hmmm, the taste of Synthwave. Interesting. I imagine a cool glass of dark berry infused water perhaps? I think there is a new Dark Berry Dr. Pepper flavor out now. Maybe it tastes like that?

Synthwave. Best visual concept for an Artslice. It was hard to not vote for Ice Cream though, as I love it so!!!

"Artslice" - I love that name, and just one word! Bold! And yes. I. Am. An. Ice. Cream. Monster 🍦

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5 months ago

Would love to see some previews for these concepts but synthwave called to me by concept alone.

Yeah i was thinking of whipping up some sketches but I kinda love the mystery, like, how would you envision the Synthwave Slice? 🔮

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