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Hello Party People!!!

If you are reading this update it means you are signed up to follow us on BackerKit. If you no longer wish to receive these updates, there is no hard feelings at all! You can hit unsubscribe in your email. This is our first time using BackerKit's Crowdfunding, and we moved here because unlike Kickstarter, they have taken a FIRM stance against AI. So we are all learning their system together. Because they are so committed to their creators, they are more than open to feedback and I have already let them know several things I find a bit buggy. One being the fact everyone is emailed all comments, which can be confusing if I am replying directly to you. I have notified them of this and they are working hard to improve this! I want to apologize, I had no idea this was happening. Until it is fixed I will comment less on posts and polls so its not confusing. 

Thanks so much for hanging in there as we work through these kinks! We are committed to switching to this new platform for every campaign going forward and will make sure we make this the most fun and easy way to support our artists and projects!

Now that all that is said, time for some fun shall we :)

Catching up

For the very first time ever we will be offering an EXCLUSIVE (meaning you can only get this in the campaign) spread book featuring the art from this gorgeous Anniversary deck. We will have a spread from every tarot deck we have done, two wild card and Oracle spreads, all 4 elementals and all 4 witches of the seasons (special cards commissioned just for our anniversary deck). The book will be letter sized, and SPIRAL so it will lay flat.

Also, for the very first time we will be offering a Backerkit-Exclusive Calendar and voting on each month! So, onward to Poll Winners!

Winner of THEME for 78 Tarot Carnival was close, but CELEBRATE won! 

Ready to vote on the image? Head on down to the Exclusive Content Section. Cant see it? Follow our project so you don't miss anything! I may be showing a book cover with this update too ;) 

Winner of APRIL Image for our Calendar is The Star by Heather R. Hitchman

OK, onward to the Exclusive Content Below! 
Includes Follower-Exclusive Content
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