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Project Update: Poll Results and NEW POLL!!

Hello Party People!

I know it has been awhile since I updated, I wanted to give a bit more space between these updates. For some reason I had it in my mind we had to finish all these polls by the start of the campaign, but we will just be running them all the way through because they are so much fun! So that means I will be able to have more time between updates so I won't spam your inbox :)

Thank you to all the new followers who joined our party!!! Welcome and we hope you love the show! We are so grateful for your support of our project and most importantly, our 111 AMAZING and hard-working artists. We very much couldn't do this without you. 

We have been VERY busy behind the scenes thinking up very exclusive goodies for backers! You are going to love them!!! I am just waiting on a few bits of information and then we will tell you more!

EXCLUSIVE Spread Book & Calendar 

For the very first time ever we will be offering an EXCLUSIVE (meaning you can only get this in the campaign) spread book featuring the art from this gorgeous Anniversary deck. We will have a spread from every tarot deck we have done, two wild card and Oracle spreads, all 4 elementals and all 4 witches of the seasons (special cards commissioned just for our anniversary deck). The book will be letter sized, and SPIRAL so it will lay flat.

Also, for the very first time we will be offering a Backerkit-Exclusive Calendar and voting on each month! So, onward to Poll Winners!

Winner of IMAGE for 78 Tarot Carnival Theme CELEBRATE! 

Yay! That was a super close vote but this cutie pulled ahead in the end. 

Onward to some Exclusive Content! We have a theme to choose for our Astral Spread next!

Includes Follower-Exclusive Content




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