Shipping from both the UK and USA which means cheaper shipping and fewer fees for YOU!!! 
Limited Edition - 78 Tarot 10th Anniversary Deck - Celebration of Global Tarot Art

Limited Edition - 78 Tarot 10th Anniversary Deck - Celebration of Global Tarot Art

Celebrate 78 Tarot's 10th year with a 111-card Limited Edition Deck and Book. Featuring 90 curated cards from sold-out decks and 21 brand new additions, in an epic collaboration of art and tarot.
$85,947 ūüéČ
of $63,000 (USD) goal
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Can you believe we've been creating these gorgeous collectors' decks for a decade? 

We all still have vivid memories of our first campaign, and how very nerve-wracking it was. Many of you reading this were there for it, and we are so grateful! It is because of you all that we have felt supported and loved all these years. For that, we can never thank you enough.

Because of all of you we are able to give work to hundreds of artists. We are able to spread their work all over the world and celebrate art and tarot with each new theme we create. We learn, and grow and evolve with your guidance and our 78 Tarot community is the best of the best humans to ever exist. And that is a fact.

We wanted to go ALL out for you for our tenth birthday! 

We wanted to create something incredibly one of a kind and special, maybe to never be created again. We wanted to reprint fan favorites in our OOP (Out of Print) decks and bring them all together to celebrate.

We very carefully curated an entire tarot deck from cards of every single deck we have ever published, favorites from long OOP decks, and because we are extra - we put in 11 wild cards and 2 meditations. And because we wanted to be even more extra and give even more artists work - we decided to create 21 extra cards to go into the deck. Yes, you read that right. There are 31 extra cards in this deck with more to unlock!!! It is an absolute masterpiece from every angle and we are so very happy to present it to you!


Since it is our tenth anniversary party, we have some EPIC gifts for you! 

We will start with shipping!!! For the first time ever we will be shipping from two destinations - the USA and the UK. This means we are able to provide cheaper shipping prices to everyone in the EU and UK and even Australia. You can see the costs below. Shipping will be charged post campaign.

You can see the rest of the goodies under the FREE GIFTS section!


This deck will arrive in style in a specially designed flip top magnetic box! The box, deck and cards will all have a luxurious rose petal finish, just like our Halloween decks. They will be adorned with a sparkling gold holographic foil that turns rainbow in the light.

The inside of the box will have a quote that was chosen by our amazing followers. 

"In art, the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can imagine". 
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Every part of this design was created to make you feel as if you are attending a grand, magical celebration!

There is an option to add this matching gorgeous case that measures 10 by 6 inches and fits the entire box.

It is baby blue ink and gold foil printed on black 80oz cotton with a silver zipper. Available as an addon and pledge tiers.


3. 25 inches wide & 5.5. inches tall ~ Rose Petal Finish ~ Gold Holographic Embellishments on Front & Back on 400 GSM paper.

Our cards measure 3.25 by 5.5 inches, to accentuate each piece of beautiful art. They proudly feature each incredible artists name on the front, but do so in a way that is not distracting to your reading. They have a rose petal finish that makes the colors vibrant and lush, and the cards feel like velvet. They are printed on 400 GSM paper making them thick and durable. There is gold holographic foil on the card fronts in the nameplate, and on the backs as well.

Because there are 31 extra cards, it is almost like having an oracle included, since you can separate the extra cards from the main deck and use them as two decks to have a whole different divination experience.

We take our card backs very seriously around these parts. 

Kayti, (myself, as I am the one typing this) has done all card backs except our second deck we published - 78 Tarot Nautical. 

The card back for this deck had to be pretty epic. This one came after my very stubborn self finally listened to my bestie (of over 20 years) who happens to also be the AD, who basically told me in no uncertain terms that my original design was pure, um, doo doo, and I should just redo it from scratch. 

She has this magical way of making sure she gets the BEST artwork out everyone, and all the while make you feel absolutely amazing and inspired. She does this with all of our artists too and it is nothing short of magic.

Because of her, I created what I think is the best card back I have made to this date. I hope it makes you think of grand celebrations! I hope you feel the energy and love of the most very magical decade ever. For that is the energy I wanted to capture for this very very special deck.

The finish will match the card fronts - a velvet rose petal, so soft to the touch. The gold will be gold holographic, that is prismatic when light shines on it. A confetti of colors to match the liveliness of the birthday party vibe captured on the card.


We love a good artsy guidebook. 

Which is why our companion guides are 8 by 6 inch, 256 pages of not only full card art and meanings and exclusive spreads, but also a list of artists and a section of creative processes. 

The book has gorgeous holographic foil on the front cover to match the deck and cards. The inside is glossy to accentuate the colorful artwork. It is available as both PDF as well as a physical option. We love giving our customers the opportunity to choose between having a physical or digital copy.   

Like all of our books, the meanings and card descriptions are written by our beautiful Goddess Magician Trish Sullivan. They are rich with meaning and created for beginners to experts. She not only writes our guidebooks, she also works with Delphine and the artists to make sure each of the cards have nailed the meaning and key visuals. A tarot reader with over 30 years experience, she is impeccable and thorough at making sure each card is as rich with meaning as her companion writing is.


This will be our 6th mini!!! We are kind of addicted. 

They are just so great to take with you anywhere you go. We wanted to make a less bells and whistles deck - one that would be smaller, cheaper and a more budget-friendly version so more amazing souls can own these beautiful collections of art and tarot. 

Like our larger deck, they come with a borderless design. They are about as big as a business card, measuring 2.5 inches wide by 3.5 inches tall. They are printed on a thinner paper for easy shuffling - 300 GSM as opposed to our larger decks which are on 400 GSM. They have a satin finish and come in a convenient little tuck box. They do not have foil or edging like the larger deck.


To thank our earliest pledgers, we have discounted each tier for a limited quantity! The earlier you pledge, the better your discounts will be! But for the ones who don't pledge early, don't worry, you still get $5 off retail just by pre-ordering through our campaign!

We have come up with a variety of different tiers to suit every budget.

For $5 you can just show your love and support!

For $22 you can grab yourself a Birthday Anniversary Gold Foil Case!

This gorgeous case measures a whopping 10 by 6 inches and is printed with gold foil! It is stunning. It holds the deck, and most decks, with ease and style.

If you want to support the project but just want the art, you can grab yourself a guidebook for $30!

For $40 you can grab yourself an adorable mini deck with a PDF Guidebook!

For the BUDGET LOVING 78 Tarot collector...our Pocket Treat gives you a discount off our retail price!

You will receive 1 78 Tarot 10th Anniversary Pocket Deck with a PDF Guidebook.

It does not come with a physical guidebook

This is our pocket edition - measuring 2 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall with a borderless design. This edition does not have the foil and edging like the larger collectors edition, and it comes in just a regular tuck box with thinner paper.

For $60 you can grab yourself a pocket deck with a physical guidebook!

For $70 you can get a full size collector's copy with a PDF Guidebook

For the COMMITTED 78 Tarot collector...our Gift Bag gives you a discount off our retail price!

You will receive 1 78 Tarot 10th Anniversary Deck with PDF Guidebook

The Collectors' Edition Deck:

*LIMITED EDITION - Only one print run EVER!*

- Full Color Front & Back Cards (3.25 by 5.5 inches)
- Gold Holo Foil Accents on Front and Back of Cards
- 22 Major Arcana Cards and  56 Minor Arcana Cards curated from all of the Tarot decks we have ever published in the past decade. Including OOP ones.
- 10 wild cards chosen from our 2 Oracles
- 12 Zodiac Cards, 4 Elemental Cards and 4 Witches of the Seasons Cards created exclusively for this deck!
- Gold edging
 - A full color clam shell cardboard box with a magnetic closure and gold holographic 
   foil accents on inside and outside of the box. 
- A ribbon for easy removal of cards.
 -Cards printed on 400gsm cardstock with soft touch lamination (rose petal, velvet)

For $85 you can get the deck and PDF book AND the Birthday Anniversary Case!

For $95 you can grab yourself the full size deck and the physical guidebook!

For $133 you can have the Deck and Physical Guidebook AND The pocket deck!!!

For $212 you get IT ALL!!!!

For the ULTIMATE 78 Tarot collector, our VIP Swag Bag is a set of Anniversary products (including Backerkit Exclusive items) as a gift bundle that gives you an extra discount!

You will receive The Pocket Deck, The Guidebook, The Full Size Deck, The Exclusive Spread Book and Calendar AND the Birthday Anniversary Case!

The Exclusive Backerkit only Spread Book:

For the very first time ever we will be offering an EXCLUSIVE (meaning you can only get this in the campaign) spread book featuring the art from this gorgeous Anniversary deck. We will have a spread from every tarot deck we have done, two wild card and Oracle spreads, all 4 elementals and all 4 witches of the seasons (special cards commissioned just for our anniversary deck). The book will be letter sized, and SPIRAL so it will lay flat. These images and spread themes were chosen via polls on our launch party, and the spreads are written by the amazing Trish Sullivan.

The Exclusive Backerkit only Calendar:

Also for the first time we are creating a Backerkit Exclusive Calendar! These images were also chosen via our launch party. This calendar is 11 inches wide and 8.5 by 11 inches tall. It is wire bound and the Calendar will start on a Sunday.


Did someone say extra cards? 

For the very first time ever we will have EXCLUSIVE collectors cards to unlock. 3 additional cards that ONLY backers will get. They will be printed with the deck and then separated and will be sent separately just to backers, so you can add them to your deck and have something extremely collectible. Nobody but backers of this project will possess these magical cards. And, by unlocking them we not only give even more artists work, we give them all pay bumps! Our first one unlocks at 75k! It is the Lucky Chicken card and it is epic.   

Did someone say cake? 

We sure did! Taste the rainbow. 

Let there be Spreads! 

Yes, you read that right! Our Spread Goddess Trish Sullivan is hard at work creating a digital spread from every single one of our tarot decks. This will be in addition to the Spread Book we are printing, and since they are digital, you can print them out and add them to your book, or just use them on your fave smart device!!!

Special Stand!!!  

We have a gorgeous wooden card stand to unlock, this beauty will hold a single card or two minis. 

And most importantly... 

Every 10k over the goal starting at 75k, we will be unlocking an artists pay bump for our 111 extremely talented artists. We thank you so much for supporting our incredible artists. We absolutely would be nothing without them, or our amazing and loyal backer.



For stretch goals for this special anniversary, we really wanted to provide something that would bring even more money to more artists! Thus, the exclusive cards were born...

We decided that starting on our tenth anniversary we would begin a brand new tradition - from now on, we will have exclusive cards to unlock for Achievement Goals (stretch goals) - which are goals that are achieved by backers in the campaign - either hitting overage in funding, backer amounts, or even actions like sharing 1000 times. 

Exclusive you say? 

Yea, exclusive. Meaning ONLY backers will get these very highly collectible cards.

They will be printed with the full size deck so they will have all the bling the deck does, but they will be separated by our factory and sealed up separately JUST for backers. NOBODY else will ever own these.

Each one of these hold a very special meaning to us. 

Unlocks when we hit $75k 

If you have been following us since the beginning, then you will remember we once had rubber chicken mascots. Our AD Delphine Malidore has an entire collection, and they have always fun and much needed comic relief through the last decade of running this project.
Del 's (our AD) Magical Collection

The whole idea for exclusive cards began with this one. We wanted to do something extra special for this deck, since it celebrates a decade of 78 Tarot, so we hired incredible artist and fellow chicken-lover Amelia Leonards to create us a one of a kind 10th Anniversary Lucky Chicken Card.

This card will ONLY be for backers of physical tiers, meaning if you have pledged for something being mailed to you, this will be added to your box. It will ONLY unlock if we hit 75k. It will come separately for you to add to the deck, and only backers of this project will own it. Ever. It is an exclusive gift for you all who help make our dream come true.

You will see other themed Lucky Chicken cards in the future but they will be different each time, and in order to catch them all - you have to be a backer. Or rob a backer which seems counter productive.

If you have been following us awhile, you may know the founder of this project is a tad obsessed with frogs. So it is only fitting that we include a Frog card. We scoured artists portfolios for the PERFECT one and found this gem created by the one and only Annette Hassell. This one has a very special story behind it, which you will discover if we unlock this card at  85k.

And our final one is absolutely priceless to us, and you will see why.  This is actually the card created by our treasured Michael Calandra for the 3 of cups for our 78 Tarot Masters Edition - Medieval - which won't be crowdfunding until next February! So this is your chance to get it before anyone else, and also see a sneak preview of our deck Medieval. Which is a Masters deck - meaning only 8 artists are creating 10 cards each. They will be much different than our single card collabs and we can't wait to show you! But for now... Please enjoy the founders of 78 Tarot, and the heart and soul at the helm of the ship. The Dream Team card.

This deck has been carefully curated from cards of every single deck we have ever published, including favorites from long OOP decks. But as you're looking at the art from these decks, maybe you're curious about the rest of our decks!  

Maybe you've fallen in love with The Empress from 78 Tarot Halloween or The Chariot from 78 Tarot Magical deck? Temperance from 78 Tarot Animal or The Hierophant from 78 Tarot Ecological? Or some of our Wild cards, which have appeared in our previous Oracle decks.

We have included our currently in print tarot and oracle decks as add ons - you can add to your collection by adding these to your pledge, alongside accessories such as card stands, a reading from Trish, or snag a gorgeous tarot cloth designed by Kayti!


Shipping will be charged when you are sent your surveys in late September or early October (if we hit our timeline goals with no delay). Shipping will not be charged with your rewards via Backerkit on May 24th at the end of this campaign, but instead will be charged separately with your survey. This is to allow us to give you the most accurate and affordable costs based on what you have purchased.

This chart is what the current rates are, they are subject to change if the postal service raises fees before we fulfill the campaign in the Fall.

Shipping may increase if you have add-ons based on the total weight of your package.  Basically anything above 50 oz in weight will increase your cost.  A deck, for example, is 1 lb. Books are 10 oz. Pocket decks are 4 oz.

If you would like us to give you an estimation of how much your shipping will be, based on your add-ons, please message us here or at [email protected] and we will happily assist you. Please note that this cost listed does not include USA state sales tax (required to be collected via Backerkit) and it does not include any VAT or duties for international orders.¬†

The customer is responsible for any fees when entering their country.


We are not a large company with a giant budget to pay artists what they deserve for the incredible masterpieces they have created. Therefore, we have only been able to budget to pay them $50.00 per artwork with the initial goal. 

But in the past, with our incredibly wonderful and loyal backers help, we have been able to pay up to $225 per image depending on the campaign. This is for 111 pieces of art. We are hoping we can raise even more this year, to thank them for their incredible work.

Each Artists Pay Achievement Goal we reach will upgrade this graphic to the current pay they will be receiving for their masterful art.

We thank you so much for supporting hard-working living artists. It is more important now than it has ever been to show them just how very much we appreciate their craft and all the beauty they bring to this world.



The following is our best estimate of the timeline from campaign-end to shipping to your door. These are approximate and depend on printing going as planned, no errors in the products etc.

If dates change due to anything out of our control we will keep you updated!

April 24th - May 23rd: The Project is LIVE!
June 12th: Funds will be received and bulk orders will be placed.
June 12th - 31st: Production of Decks & Other Rewards
July 31st - August 8th: Surveys Sent Out
August 4th: Products ship to fulfillment centers in USA & U.K.
August 15th: Credit cards will be charged for shipping
September 25th - 30th: Products arrive at fulfillment centers
September 28th - October 10th: Shipping to Backers begins

Please remember shipping, even by fulfilment, can take weeks


78 Tarot is a global art collaboration that creates a new deck every year.  Each deck has a different theme, but is still strongly connected to the RWS system.

The most important part of our mission is to give work to, and be able to publish the work of as many hard working artists as we can. To show as many people on this planet their beautiful soulful art.

We aim to create beautiful, meaningful decks.  We work with some of the best artists in the community and strive to invite diverse artists and produce decks that do not show cultural appropriation, only appreciation. 

We vow to continue improving, to continue listening to our fans and critics and to include diverse races, religions, sexual identities and ages, so that every user can connect to our decks.

Kayti Welsh-Stewart

Kayti Welsh-Stewart is the Director and Founder of 78 Tarot, as well as the house designer and operations manager. She manages everything from shipping & production, to graphic and web design, including coming up with the themes and vibes for our decks, all while being the mom to two young, boisterous boys!

Kayti has been a professional graphic designer & illustrator for 20 years with many products and publications of her own, including two solo oracle decks which can also be purchased via 78 Tarot. 

She lives in beautiful Northern Virginia with her husband, their two human babies Aiden and Quinn, and their firstborn fur-baby Cypress. 

Trish Sullivan

Trish Sullivan is the writer of all our 78 Tarot guidebooks, the creator of our companion oracle decks, plus our tarot director for all our artists. She is also the person behind our social media presence, including all our tarot draws, and our retailer liaison.

As well as creating her own solo deck, Trish has written guidebooks for a range of independent artists, such as Monstarot and many more for Joanna Nelson, the Obsidian Oracle for Megan Buccere, Woven Path Tarot for the Changeling Artist Collective, and Michael Calandra's upcoming tarot, published by US Games in 2024.

All while being the mum to a teenager, conducting tarot readings and teaching workshops in the U.K.

Delphine & Chris Malidore

Delphine Malidore is our Art Director, working with Trish and Kayti to create an image concept for each and every card before assigning these to the perfect artist. She (and Chris) also then provide ongoing feedback for every image throughout the artistic process.

With a history of work that extends back to when she was only 15, Delphine has been able to create for production and licensing companies including Bettie Page Productions, Hot Topic, and more. She is joined by her husband Chris Malidore, as Co-Art Director. 

Chris has spent the better part of 17 years illustrating for gaming companies such as Wizards of The Coast, Fantasy Flight Games, Pinnacle Entertainment Group, and so on.


We thought you would enjoy seeing some humans creating art!

(We put this in the book too!!!)

Below is the absolutely stunning Sagittarius created by the legendary Toni Taylor, exclusively for the anniversary deck.

The legendary Iris Compiet created our Justice card from this deck which was in 78 Tarot Carnival.

The legendary Michael Calandra creating our Strength card which was created for 78 Tarot Mythical.

Our AD and co-founder Delphine Malidore used her (now husband) as a model for her King of Cups which was created for 78 Tarot Elemental.


Major Arcana

The Fool: Tanya Bond - 1st Edition 
The Magician: Ravynne Phelan - Elemental
The High Priestess: Jasmine Becket-Griffith - 1st Edition 
The Empress: Selina Fenech - Halloween 
The Emperor: Stanley Morrison - Carnival 
The Hierophant: Carol Phillips - Ecological
The Lovers: Jessica Douglas - Mythical 
The Chariot: Matt Stawicki - Magical 
Strength: Michael Calandra - Mythical 
The Hermit: Poul Dohle - Astral 
The Wheel Of Fortune: Holly Morningstar - Animal 
Justice: Iris Compiet - Carnival 
The Hanged One: Jabari Weathers - Magical 
Death: Chris Malidore - Mythical 
Temperance: Melissa Gay - Animal  
The Devil: Florian Stitz - Animal 
The Tower: Bruce Brenneise - Animal 
The Star: Heather R. Hitchman - Magical 
The Moon: Enys Guerrero - Astral 
The Sun: Brynn Elizabeth - Elemental 
Judgement: Camille Louise - Mythical 
The World: Kristina Gehrmann - Magical

Minor Arcana

Ace of Pentacles: Eli Neugeboren - Ecological 
Two of Pentacles: Kat Birmelin - Animal 
Three of  Pentacles: Kristen Pauline - Magical 
Four of Pentacles: Kayti Welsh - Mythical 
Five of Pentacles: Réka Kovács - Halloween 
Six of Pentacles: Maigan Lynn - Ecological 
Seven of Pentacles: Natacha Chohra - Astral 
Eight of Pentacles: Marlon Teunissen - Magical 
Nine of Pentacles: Monika Holloway - Astral  
Ten of Pentacles: Meredith Dillman - 1st Edition 
Page Of Pentacles: Anja Uhren ‚Äď 1st Edition¬†
Knight of Pentacles: Jenga Garcia - Nautical 
Queen Of Pentacles: Damara Carpenter - 1st Edition 
King of Pentacles: Natasja Van Gestel - Astral

Ace of Swords: Peter Bradley - Mythical 
Two of Swords: Patricia Ariel - Halloween 
Three of Swords: Ash Evans - Nautical 
Four of Swords: Rebecca Sinz - 1st Edition  
Five of Swords: Stephanie Sturm - Astral 
Six of Swords: Holly Broxson - Ecological 
Seven of Swords: Eric Summers - Halloween 
Eight of Swords: Anastasia Smith - Animal 
Nine of Swords: Regan Kubecek - 1st Edition 
Ten of Swords: Carla Morrow - 1st Edition 
Page of Swords: Kiri √ėstergaard Leonard - Carnival¬†
Knight of Swords: Brenda Lyons - Animal 
Queen of Swords: Natalie Eslick - Animal 
King of Swords: Ken Meyer Jr. - Carnival

Ace of Wands: Rhonda Libbey - Animal 
Two of Wands: Patrick Mcevoy - Animal 
Three of Wands: Alexandria Sandlin - Mythical
Four of Wands: Elisabeth Alba - Halloween 
Five of Wands: Jodi Horne - Elemental 
Six Of Wands: Adam Schmidt - Animal 
Seven of Wands: Monika Ptok-Byard - Astral 
Eight of Wands: Saskia Huitema - Animal 
Nine of Wands: Amelia Leonards - Animal 
Ten of Wands: Rachel Quinlan - Mythical 
Page of Wands: Cynthia Conner - Halloween 
Knight of Wands: Gwenevere Singley - Animal 
Queen of Wands: Sasha Fitzgerald - 1st Edition 
King of Wands: Mike Tenebrae - Astral

Ace of Cups: Deanna Davoli - Nautical 
Two of Cups: Helena Reis - 1st Edition  
Three of Cups: Shana Cinquegrana - Carnival 
Four of Cups: Sue Rundle-Hughes - Astral 
Five of Cups: Stefania Russo - Astral 
Six of Cups: Deanna Bach - Elemental 
Seven of Cups: Ellen Million - Mythical 
Eight of Cups: William Francis O'Brien - Magical 
Nine of Cups: Felicia Cano - Mythical 
Ten of Cups: Eden Alvernaz - Halloween 
Page of Cups: Joanna Nelson - Astral 
Knight of Cups: Eric Lofgren - Animal  
Queen of Cups: Carrie Hawks - Carnival 
King Of Cups: Delphine Malidore ‚Äď Elemental

Wild Cards

Foresight: Larry Elmore - Carnival 
Curiosity: Michael Banks - Nautical 
Spirit Of Autumn: Chris Sedgwick - Halloween 
Owl: Anita Inverarity - Creatures of the Night Oracle 
Bones: Alexander Gustafson - Fool's Items Oracle 
Spirit Of Midnight: Tammy Wampler - Halloween 
Sorcerer: Dion Harris - Creatures of the Night Oracle 
Chosen Fate: Everette Hartsoe - 1st Edition 
Sage: Carye VanDerPol Mahoney - Fool's Items Oracle 
Death's Head Moth: Jayde Hilliard - Creatures of the Night Oracle 
Courage: David Van Gough

Meditation Cards

Meditation: Zindy S. D. Nielsen - Mythical
Meditation: Simona Candini ‚Äď Astral

The Zodiac, Season Witches and Elementals were all created brand new for this deck!

Zodiac Cards

Aries: Doruk Golcu
Taurus: Ambi Sun
Gemini: Daniel Govar
Cancer: Matthew Warlick
Leo: Mike Zairos Pifano
Virgo: Chase Henson
Libra: Danny Schwartz
Scorpio: John Tedrick
Sagittarius: Toni L Taylor
Capricorn: Jennifer Hrabota Lesser
Aquarius: Gemma Zoe Jones
Pisces: Shelby Nichols

Season Witches

Witch Of Winter: Ana Neves
Witch Of Spring: Lauren Brown
Witch Of Summer: Stephanie Smith
Witch Of Autumn: Lisa Svingos


Earth Elemental: Eeva Nikunen
Air Elemental: Amelia Leonards
Fire Elemental: Kaitlund Zupanic
Water Elemental: Lea Barozzi

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