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Project Update: Foil Cards & Box Unlocked! Second Pin Set COMING SOON!

Popping in to let you know that last night we passed $8k mark which means that foil cards and the box for the set have unlocked! 🥳✨

When you order a set of pins they now include:
  • 6 die cast lapel pins with acrylic gemstones and two posts each
  • Custom backing card, matte black with silver foil print
  • Custom Collector's Edition, matte black, silver foil printed, fabric lined, slide out boxes
  • Complete set of 6 of high-quality vinyl stickers

Single pin orders come on smaller custom backing cards and include the matching sticker as well. There is no box for single pins. 

Complete set of pins on the custom cards in the pretty box with the stickers around

This ALSO MEANS we've completed all of our regular stretch goals and we're now moving onto: Super Stretch Goals!!

Super Stretch Goal 1: A SECOND SET OF PINS!!

Many people have asked us about the other planets: Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, and yes - even Pluto! 
We are currently working on designs for these planetary symbol pins and we will have updates for you about them soon. The next set will consist of those four pins as well as two others that are still under wraps while we finalize the designs. 

The second set of pins will unlock at $12k. Please take a moment today to share our campaign on any site or community where you feel people may enjoy it! This next stretch will be a bit longer and we need all the help we can get to spread the word. 

PLEASE NOTE: These will be *completely new designs* from the earliest stages and we likely won't have time to have physical samples made before the end of the campaign. If you pledge for these pins please keep this in mind. ♥ 

We are also working on the math to figure out how to make it easier for you to expand your order if you want additional pin sets.
Right now we have options for a single and double set but no easy way to get three or four sets yet. 

Is anyone looking to get that many sets? Let us know how many you want so we can start sorting that out for you. 😊 

We hit 100 backers today! Another great milestone! Thank you for being with us - we can't wait to make these beautiful things for you. 




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