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Project Update: Set 2 Reveal! What's next? You vote!

We did it! We unlocked Set 2! 🥳

And here are the designs! Amunet and I have worked really hard these last few days to finalize them and we're sooooo happy with them. We hope you love them, too! 🥰 Which is your fav?

We're getting these into prototyping ASAP though we might not have the samples before the project ends. But maybe!! We will also have some posts going up on socials soon with notes about the designs on these so please look forward to that. These pins are now selectable as individuals and as a set though it will be a little bit before we can get the project updated with the new assets.

From this point on, we are going to let you all decide what we're working on next! 👀
Please vote in the poll we've set up to vote on the designs you want to see.

A new design will unlock every $2k up to $24k. These pins will be standalone pins so they will come with a backing card but won't have a box. They will include a sticker! 

We're already almost halfway to the next design and we don't even know what it is yet hehehehe GO VOTE! ⭐ Winner will be announced on Sunday Oct 9 based on the poll results. 
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