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Project Update: Final Stretch Goal: 3 Talismans at $20k + Mewcarons!

Well you cats have done it now! 😻 You've voted to go for it all and try to get this little pin campaign all the way to $20k! 😱✨

Poll results showing 63% voted for the super mega stretch goal of three talismans pins unlocking at $20k

We absolutely need your all hands on deck this week for our final push!!

We have about 6 days left to get this pin project in front of every pretty guardian pin loving fan so no body misses these amazing designs.

Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your Discord servers, tell your ICQ server, tell your DM, tell your fanpage. TELL EVERYONE!!! :D

Amunet is working on the designs this week. We're gunna try REALLY hard to have something to show you before the campaign ends but I can promise you they will be super beautiful. 🥰

WE ARE SO HYPE FOR THIS FINAL WEEK!! In the name of the Moon, let's goooooo! 🌟


Cross promo time! 💖

Before I log off for the night: just a little shout out to my friend Holly at Kimchi Kawaii. Since our projects are running at the same time, I'm throwing some love at her current campaign: French Roast and the Mewcarons Kitty Plush

I have a ton of plush from Kimchi Kawaii and I love them all so much! I'm definitely getting a plush and some enamel pins from this campaign but the trouble is: which one?! Ahhh they are all so cute! >w< Please check out her campaign and see if anything interests mew! :3




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