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Project Update: 1 DAY LEFT! 😱 Talismans Unlocked! Set Two 3D Art, Shipping Estimates, and MORE!

IT IS THE LAST DAY! Let's go loud!

This project ends Friday October 28th at 8:59PM Eastern! ⌛✨
If you have any questions at all no matter what please reach out. We're here for you and will help with anything we can even if you think it seems silly please ask! 🥰
We are so thankful for your support! ♥
Please continue to yell about this project so we can finish strong.
Posts you can comment on/like/share/RT/repost to help us:

Three Talismans are UNLOCKED! 🪞🗡️🔮

You all have really come through for us in the last 24hrs and we are now optimistic we can hit $20k before the campaign ends tomorrow. 😍

This means we unlocked the final stretch goal early! We are definitely making the Three Talismans pins!! 🥳
If you were holding off your pledge for these pins which promise to be absolutely as beautiful as the rest of the designs you can go ahead and add $80 to your pledge right now for this add on group! Keep an eye on the project updates as we continue to work on these designs for you. Your faith in our project means so much. ♥

Three Talismans pins are unlocked

Estimated Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are based on the weight of your items and the shipping destination. Charging in advance with this many factors wasn't possible which is why shipping is charged during the survey process.
I made a guide for you to preview the estimated shipping costs. You can view the full version here as well.

OPTIONAL: You can edit your pledge right now to include your estimated shipping costs. This will let you 'prepay' shipping and you will not have any shipping due when you fill out the survey.
Check this chart for your estimated shipping costs based on your reward items and shipping destination then edit your pledge to include that amount. 

  1. You pledged for two sets at $199
  2. You added on one pin for $28 to get Locket
  3. You live in the USA
  4. Two Sets are 16 oz. (8 oz + 8 oz.) plus another 2 oz. single pin for a total of 18 oz. 
  5. Your order will be over 16 oz and will ship USPS Priority mail for $15
  6. Add $15 to your pledge amount right now to cover shipping!

This is completely optional - you can still opt to pay shipping during the survey process which will be completed in November. ♥

Shipping Estimates Chart - see URL in previous text for full spreadsheet link

Includes Backer-Exclusive Content
Unlock our final Stretch Goal adding the last three pin designs to the project
Goal: $18,000 reached! — We did it! This project reached this goal!




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