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Project Update: Three Talismans ART REVEAL! Final hours!!

Here they are, the final three designs! 😱✨

Three new designs based on a mirror, heart shaped orb with an hour glass, and a sword

And yes - the Mirror design will have an actual MIRROR in it!! 🪞😁🙌🏻

I've updated the Pins section of the campaign to include these images. You CAN choose any of these pins as a single pin reward.
If you want all three of these pins they are set up as a group add on for $80. You can manually add $80 to your pledge now to use during the survey process to claim this group. 

Solo pics and details:

And just for fun because I have it, here's a look at the 3D mapping we're sending to the manu for Locket to give you a sense of how the shapes will be when sculpted. The x marks a cut out and the gem is marked with the pink. 
3D mapping to show the forms of the Locket Design

Everything ends tonight at 8:59PM Eastern Time. 🥳

We are absolutely super excited about EVERYTHING and greatly appreciate your help on this final day as we yell yell yell til the bell! 




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