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Project Update: Awesome progress!!! Big update!!

Hey all! Lots of GREAT NEWS and progress!  🥳

  1. The stickers are here! They came super fast and they look great. I set them aside on a shelf to wait patiently for everything else.
  2. The boxes and backing cards shipped on December 7th and have been in the limbo state of "left Ukraine on a truck but didn't arrive anywhere with to scan them for tracking yet." HOWEVER today they reached Poland and were scanned for the first time!! This is FANTASTIC. From Poland they will finally get on a plane and should be here very quickly once they land in the US and pass through customs. ✈️
  3. The final pin samples arrived today!! AND THEY LOOK AMAZING. 
  4. See photos and notes below for additional info.

What's next? The pins are now all approved for full run manufacturing as the final changes we needed are simple enough to not require additional sampling. With the boxes en route and the stickers already here we will only be waiting for the final delivery of pins to come. We are approaching the new year during which many factories have extended down time for celebrations. We planned for this so it should not effect our original timeline. I will keep you posted when I have more news!

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to me! Super happy to have all this progress made before the new year. 🥰✨

I also took a video of Mirror to show the reflective surface. 

Piles and piles of stickers
Sword looks fantastic!

Locket looks nice though we want the gem to be dark pin instead of red.





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