Diagnoses & Dice: An Enamel Pin Collection

Diagnoses & Dice: An Enamel Pin Collection

An enamel pin collection raising awareness for mental health, celebrating mental wellness through role play, and highlighting how much we love dice. You really can't have enough. A portion of all proceeds will benefit The Trevor Project.
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Pintopia 2024
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My name is Jordaan, the founder of Arledge Comics and lead pin designer. We've been publishing comics and designing enamel pins since 2016 - with twenty-six crowdfunding campaigns under our belt! We're so excited to share our latest design with you all. <3

We chose a mash up of mental health and dice to highlight just how beneficial role play has proven to be for those struggling with mental health. Primarily, it creates a safe, low-risk environment to practice coping skills or to process important feelings and internal conflicts. Our hope in shining a spotlight on this unlikely collaboration, is to bring more awareness to the benefits of role play - specifically TTRPG - and encourage folks to give it a try.

Plus, my fellow ADHD'ers, the shiny math rocks give a satisfying click clack.

The overall design of the pins is twofold. Firstly, I love a good pun. The cadence of ADHD&D or OCD&D is really satisfying. But, secondly, that &D is also a reminder that you're not alone. None of us are.

We believe so strongly in this, that we'll be donating a portion of proceeds from each pin sale to The Trevor Project.




While developing these pin designs, a friend jokingly suggested a "Buddy & D" pin. That's how this little guy came to be. Our community goal pin will unlock once our campaign reaches 50 backers. Once unlocked, it can be added as an add-on either during the campaign or during the post campaign survey.

The design is currently unfinished because the final design will be determined by you!

The dice color will be put to a vote, as will the additional effect: either glitter or glow in the dark!


$2,500 - Base Goal

All dice pins unlocked!

$3,500 - Stretch Goal One

1" pins upgrade to 1.5"

$5,000 - Stretch Goal Two

Teddy Bear Community Pin upgrades to 2.5"

Not a stretch goal but...

Free stickers will be added to all pledges of $30 or more. The first is featured below, and more sticker designs are to come. You can get a total of five (5) free stickers. See our FAQ and update for more information. <3

  • Shipping will be charged after the campaign ends when you complete your BackerKit survey.
  • Shipping costs will be weight based or flat rate, whichever is less expensive for your pledge.
  • All shipments will be done through USPS and include a tracking number.
  • We can't guarantee shipping costs, as they fluctuate all the time, but below is a rough estimate based on an order of three (3) pins
    • USA - $5
    • Canada - $18
    • Everywhere else - $23


Founded in 2016 by Chickasaw siblings, Arledge Comics started as a hobby and became the home of the critically acclaimed ALEX PRIEST. Since its inception, Arledge Comics has grown to include a number of anthologies, – including TRIAL RUN, MY KINGDOM FOR A PANEL, and STRANGE WATERS – and creator owned comics (like NO GOING BACK and SHUFFLE). Native founded, queer owned and operated: our mission is to create inclusive comics for the whole family to enjoy. And, hey, we design pins, too!

Find us online!

Arledge Comics is a small business located in Tacoma, WA

We stand firm with creators against AI generated "art."

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