Laws of the Night

Laws of the Night

Introducing Laws of the Night, a groundbreaking system update for Mind's Eye Theatre - Vampire: The Masquerade. This innovative release seamlessly aligns the setting of Mind's Eye Theatre live-action roleplaying with Vampire 5th Edition. Our crowdfunding campaign offers three enticing options: a convenient PDF version, a portable soft-cover "pocket edition," and a stunning full-color hardcover "Deluxe" edition. Join us in embracing the next evolution of immersive vampire roleplaying.
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The Story

Vampire: The Masquerade is the original roleplaying game of personal and political horror.  Since 1991 it has captivated a global audience through its tabletop roleplaying games, video games, comic books, live-action events, board and card games and more. The tabletop rules are now in their 5th edition, and it’s time to bring the live-action experience in line with this newest chapter in the Vampire story.

By backing this project, you can help us achieve our goal of creating an exciting new experience for Vampire: the Masquerade live-action roleplaying by adapting the fifth edition Vampire tabletop rules to the Mind’s Eye Theatre format. Thanks to an incredible team of writers, editors, artists and fans, this goal has been achieved and exceeded - please join us as we present Laws of the Night.

This new release will feature updated rules for live-action play, original artwork, and unique content that will support and promote a seamless transition for fans from  Vampire fifth-edition tabletop to live-action gameplay.

Watch the Laws of the Night Preview video on YouTube

The Project

Larp rules for V5, available in three formats- PDF, pocket sized softcover, and deluxe hardcover with extra art. 

  • All of the clans, disciplines, and abilities you have come to enjoy as part of the newest version of Vampire: the Masquerade. This book is meant to be the live-action version of V5.
  • A new, cinematic, and mathematically-balanced rules system was developed specifically to support the story and style of a live-action environment for Vampire: The Masquerade.
  • A streamlined character creation system that is both a comprehensive and efficient translation to live action.
  • Detailed settings for Camarilla and Anarch games, with updated rules and material designed to enhance the story of each setting.
  • Support, guidance, and materials for both Storytellers and players that covers everything from portraying a character to writing plots, running engaging scenarios for live action, and personalizing settings for a chronicle.
  • A detailed guide to character progression through a live-action chronicle to assist both players and storytellers in managing character development and portrayal.
  • Incredible artwork in full color and high definition that not only depicts the World of Darkness in glorious detail but also provides a powerful backdrop to the world of the Kindred.


Pledge Tiers


Add Ons

We have a number of amazing add-on items that may be purchased as "a la carte" extras to the reward tier you choose to purchase. 
Available "a la carte" add-ons:

+$350  Be in the MET Dyscrasia Deck! Custom art of you as a card.

+$650  Add your character to the quick start guide- story, sheet and pic.

+$20 MET Dyscrasia Deck. (Domestic and International Shipping available)
+$23 MET Blood Magic Deck. (Domestic and International Shipping available)
+$25 MET Powers of the Blood Deck. (Domestic and International Shipping available)
+$25 MET Clan & Status,  with custom magnetic closure box. (Domestic and International Shipping available)

+$142 Camarilla Clan Pins Pack (Domestic and International Shipping available)
+$111 Anarch Clans Pins Pack. (Domestic and International Shipping available)
+$280 "Get Them All" Clans Pins Pack. (Domestic and International Shipping available)
+$18 Pronoun Pins. (Domestic and International Shipping available)
+$35 New Camarilla Position Pin Set- COMING SOON! (Domestic and International Shipping available)
+$100 Anarch Position Pin Set-  COMING SOON!  (Domestic and International Shipping available)
+$50 Staff Pin set-  COMING SOON! (Domestic and International Shipping available)

+$19 Clan Pendants (Domestic and International Shipping available)

+$30 Handmade gemstone RPS dice (Domestic and International Shipping available)
+$29 Metal RPS Cards (Anarch, Camarilla, Sabbat). (Domestic and International Shipping available)

+$25- $39 Clan Journals (Domestic and International Shipping available)
+$69 Premium Book of Shadows Journal - Stunning black book with gold colored embossed decorations and handmade paper inside (Domestic and International Shipping available)
+$85 Premium Toreador Journal - Upgraded, gorgeous, and perfect for recording your next masterpiece! (Domestic and International Shipping available)
+$99 Premium Tremere Journal - The perfect prop to memorize rituals, write down the names of your enemies (and allies), and look academically menacing! (Domestic and International Shipping available)

+$25 PDF version of Laws of the Night (Free digital delivery)
+$35 Pocket Softcover edition of Laws of the Night (Domestic and International Shipping available)
+$166- $595 Larp Bundles of Pocket Softcover edition of Laws of the Night (Domestic and International Shipping available)
+$55 Deluxe Hardcover edition of Laws of the Night (Domestic and International Shipping available)
+$80 Deluxe Hardcover AND Pocket Softcover edition of Laws of the Night (Domestic and International Shipping available)


Stretch Goals




Meet the Team


Climate Pledge and Fullfillment

We believe in supporting our environment!  We offer both PDF/electronic versions of our books and our paper books are environmentally friendly and recyclable. By Night Studios will be donating  $0.25 from every physical book sold to One Tree. 
We offer PDF-only options to help reduce our carbon footprint and promote environmental sustainability.

Physical items are available to be shipped to all locations domestic and international. Please note, international shipping may take additional time and have an increased cost. The buyer is responsible for any charges or costs associated with duties, customs, or brokerage fees.

Estimated shipping will be:
- Blood Bag & Ghoul: $0
- Thin Blood & Neonate: Domestic: $5;  International: $20
- Ancilla: Domestic: $10;  International: $35
- Elder& above: Domestic: $15;  International: $50


Art Preview


Laws of the Night video promo

Video credit:
Mark White, Video Director:
and James Shepard:

First Day Incentive

**** To celebrate getting to two times our funding goal on Thursday night, we are extending the First Day Gift two hours to 9am PST/ 12 non Eastern 5.19! ****

Back our campaign for Laws of the Night in the first 24 hours (by 7am PST Friday) at the Neonate tier or above and get a special gift!

Backers will get a chance to vote on which art is featured in a beautiful full color card-stock backed poster! (8x11‚ÄĚ)

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