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about 1 year ago

Project Update: Print Run News!

We're heading toward a print run of Stories of the Free Lands!
And now you can add them on in this campaign!

Okay, so after quite a few discussions with backers, my team, our printer and a lot of sleepless nights, I've decided to go ahead with creating an add-on option for physical copies if we hit our print run goal!

So, what does that mean for you and how can you ensure you get a physical copy through this campaign. Here's the deal:
  • We'll greenlight the print run if we hit $175K
  • If you've already backed, you can up your current pledge amount to help us get to this goal
  • Based on our current projections, we expect the books to be $40 in retail
  • If you've backed at least the $40 level (the Stories of the Free Lands Volumes 1&2 or higher), you'll get a $20 discount toward a book purchase (maximum 2, 1 of each volume)
  • If you haven't backed, you can pre-load your pledge with that extra money to help us get to the goal, if you'd like.
  • Other than upping your pledge, there's no other action needed for now. When the campaign wraps up and you are sent your surveys, you'll be able to choose your add-ons and finalize your pledge.
  • Please be aware that if you choose to purchase books through this campaign, you will have to pay for a second round of shipping if you back for other physical items as the new books will not be ready for quite some time and other physical rewards will likely be ready to roll out by early November.
  • Also, just a reminder, that we will not be shipping these out to backers outside of the US and Canada.

That's it! Hopefully we'll hit that $175K goal and we'll be able to produce some stellar books for you.

In Other News

  • We hit our $125K goal and we'll now be producing color covers for each volume of the Stories, we'll be creating a whole new Story from Allen Turner that will be free to all backers at $20 pledge levels and higher, and all of the creatives on SotFL are now getting a 20% pay bonus!

  • We announced our $225K goal - a podcast! This goal will allow us to create and sustain an ongoing podcast for Coyote & Crow. We'll have interviews with Indigenous creatives, talk about Indigenous futurisms, folks from across the TTRPG and gaming community, create audio dramas and actual plays, share exclusive content and more. As things stand, it's not likely we will hit this goal (let alone our $275K one) but I think it's important that you all see what we have in mind and where we're trying to head as a company.

  • We've got an official launch date for Coyote & Crow on Roll20 - the full version! The game will be available with full functionality on 10/20/22!

  • Community content tools are launching on DriveThruRPG! We don't have a hard date yet, but I can say that it will be before the end of this campaign. As soon as we have it locked in, I'll let you know. 

That's it for now folks!
Goal: $161,975 / $175,000
We need $13,025 more to reach this goal.




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