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Bird Ita Bags & Accessories

Bird Ita Bags & Accessories

Bird themed ita bags and pins!
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Current Status

Everything has shipped!!

Working on the last few customs/international shipping issues.

Any issues with your order? contact me at [email protected]!




Special Promos & Freebies!

Exciting news first! I have lots of freebies and special promos planned for this campaign. Keep reading about this project, and enjoy these gifts if you pledge.

Back this campaign and Pizza Pinz and you'll get one pigeon pizza party pin from each of us!

Earlybird Worms are all gone - but they will also be available as add-ons for those who arrived later :)


Hey all! I'm back again with more BIRD STUFF!

After the amazing success of my Crow Itabag Kickstarter project and many requests for other birds, I'm thrilled to finally share 12 new Bird Bag designs with you all!
Crow, dove, and chick bags will also be available in addition to the 12 new bags listed here!

Watch this quick video to learn more:


The Designs

Ita bags are designed with a clear window for showing off items such as enamel pins, buttons, and whatever you want to stick in there. I created these to be cute, simple, and functional so they can be everyday-use bags!

Ita Bag Design Details
Bird Ita bags will be made of faux leather with screen-printed details, gold hardware, zipper closure, and an inner pocket. Bags are approximately 10inx7in and 2.5in wide, they are perfect for small items but will not fit larger things like a Switch or 5x7 notepad. 
Bags will come with a matching PU leather strap, adjustable up to 54in total length - can be worn as a crossbody or shoulder bag!
  • Additional straps including acrylic chain straps will be available to be purchased separately
A removable matching wing satin insert will be included with every bag
  • Additional inserts can be purchased separately as well, and are interchangeable bag to bag

Enamel Pins
Each bird will get its own matching bird pin design, you can choose any pin/color variant you want at the end of the campaign!
  • Bird pins will be 1.5in-2in, hard enamel with dark nickel metal, 2 posts with rubber backings, packaged on backing cards
  • Early Bird Worm pin will be 1.5in, hard enamel with gold metal, 2 posts with rubber backings
  • Feather pins are 0.75in, hard enamel with gold metal, 1 post with a rubber backing
  • All other minipins will be 0.75-1in in hard enamel with 1 post and rubber backing

Stickers & Keychains
All birds will also get their own sticker and keychain design! The same design is used for both sticker and acrylic keychains. Each will be approximately 3in. Stickers & keychains will be available as add-ons at the end of the campaign.

Funding Goals

2 all-new Bird Ita Bag designs have been unlocked - Chickadee and California Quail have been chosen!


Pin only orders will ship in bubble mailers. Bags ship in foam in a poly mailer as this is easiest and most cost efficient while still providing adequate protection, shipping UPGRADES to a cardboard box will also be available for a small extra fee via the survey for those interested! 



*All bags come with their matching insert and faux leather strap! Add-ons are for extras.

Some Things To Note

Delays due to COVID-19: Some areas of the world may still be undergoing lockdowns and shipping delays due to the pandemic. This has a potential to affect the final timeline.  

Designs: It's possible that there will need to be slight adjustments to the enamel pin designs or bags due to manufacturing limitations. All changes will be communicated. 

Colors: Colors may appear slightly different on your monitor from the colors of the actual products.

Refund policy: Once the campaign has ended, refunds cannot be given out. If an item is damaged or incorrect, please reach out to me directly and I will correct the issue ASAP. Please only back this campaign if you certain you like the product and you are aware of the timeline and potential shipping time to your location from the US.

More Pictures!


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