Crimson Terrain
about 2 years ago

Project Update: Updated Terrain Counts: It really was a Bottomless bag after all!

Thanks to all of you our project is off to a great start, and wow do I ever have some news to share with you.

I was going over the project outline, counting all of the terrain I was planning, and started to realize something. My count was way off. It wasn't off by a little bit either, In fact, the total terrain count was off not by hundreds but by thousands of individual pieces.

At some point, I started using the count for individual settings as the count for the entire themed book sets. Instead of counting each book of terrain as having 1000 pieces, I was counting them as having 500...

There are 4 books of terrain in this project. That's not 2000 pieces but 4000 pieces of terrain. Once you add in the addon packs which are each about 500 pieces. The complete collection is actually over 5500 total pieces of terrain. 

So I think it's safe to say, this bottomless bag really is....bottomless if that hasn't run you off please know that I am so grateful for your support and am so excited about this campaign.

Thank you.





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